Monday, June 17, 2019

34 Weeks of Clean 2019! Week 23- The Linen Closet

Let's just say that with all the work we have been doing around this house, I am glad that some assignments are easier than others.  We have a few pretty intense ones coming up, so enjoy this week, friends! ;)
For us the Linen Closet is pretty benign.  Since we only have a few sets of sheets per bed and only a few sets of towels per person that are kept in their respective bathrooms, we do not have a stuffed linen closet- just a cluttered one.   As a matter of fact, this one holds excess school overflow from the school closet as well as a few things of my older son.  

This week's assignment- the linen closet

 Here we go-

  • Pull it all out. 

  • Sort and purge!  Did I mention that you do not need 20 sets of sheets and towels unless you have a really large family?  Usually two towels per person with a few for guests are sufficient.  And sheets, well, you can only use one set at a time.  Just saying.  Throw out old, stained, and worn sheets and towels!  Maybe even treat yourself to a new set.

  •  Wipe off shelves and doors to linen closet.

  • Put everything left back neatly.  When you do this, access your space.  Does the layout make sense?  Are there things that need to be moved elsewhere?  I realized that to avoid the extra blankets falling on my head every single time I reached for the they just needed to be moved to a lower shelf.  Quick and easy pick.  Sometimes it helps to just stand back and think about how you use a space.


Done!  See, I told you that was easy!

Some things to note-

    -You do not always have to use a space for its intended purposes.  Sometimes it pays to get  creative.  I have seen people keep their towels and sheets in their bathroom cabinets and use their linen closets for craft storage, office storage and yes, we even used ours in the last house for a Lego closet!  Think outside the box and make your space work for you!
  -Like many people, we used to keep our medicine storage in the linen closet, but since it is on a different floor as the master bedroom, we moved it to our bathroom.  If you have small children in your house, please make sure you keep such things out of reach of little hands. 

What about you, do you have a linen closet holding more than linens?  And how did you do on last week's assignment, the laundry/mudroom?  Can't wait to hear about your progress!

Get ready, friends, BIG things are coming up!  Consider yourself forewarned. ;)

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