Tuesday, April 9, 2019

34 Weeks of Clean 2019! Week 14- Arts, Craft, and Hobbies

I want you to know that I am not an arts, crafts, and hobbies kind of gal, so this week is just for you all.  You are welcome!  I used to like doing a few simple things like cross stitch, making cards, and sewing clothes.  The cross stitch stopped after my eye sight went south, the card making has Hallmark people in hysterics, and the clothes-making stopped when I wore a dress I made and someone asked how far along I was.  I wasn't!  Now I stick mostly to quilting when I can find a free moment (where DOES one find that?) and otherwise save the crafts for people with more patience and talent and better eyes!

But I do have a few things lingering, plus I have a daughter who makes make quilts for people, so we do have a craft/sewing room.  Well, it is mostly her sewing area, but she humors me occasionally by letting me hang out there.

With a growing tee shirt business she needs space and so we have taken a bedroom and turned it into sewing central.  (with our workout stuff squeezed in as well) It has been a huge blessing and allowed her more space for quilt layout and occasional fittings for the alterations that she does.
The point here, Michele, you might ask?  Think outside the box! 

Be creative with your spaces!  If you need more space, look around and see what changes you can make!  Do you have an extra closet you aren't using? A guest room that barely gets used? Often if we stop and reconsider our spaces and how we use them, we an see all kinds of new possibilities.

This is your assignment this week-

Clean!- If you have a room dedicated to Arts and Crafts, now is the time to clean it.  you know the drill-
  • Take everything out, yes do it!
  • Clean ceiling fans and blinds or curtains.
  • Wipe down walls, light switches, and baseboards
  • Clean and vacuum the carpet or scrub floors
  • Wax furniture
If you just have stuff in random spots- start here-

De-clutter and organize!
Find all of your arts, craft and hobby "things" and go through them with a fresh set of eyes.  Do you use them?  Do you need them?  Do they bring a smile to your face?  If not, move it out.  Free yourself to simplify and maybe even bless someone else with what you do not need.  Throw out old stuff and resolve not to buy any more for a while.  It can be a freeing thing my friends!  I am currently using some old fabric stashes to make some baby blankets.

Recycle from about your house!  You don't always have to go get more stuff to be more organized.  f you have bins around your house that are empty, use them.  Arts supplies and such can be kept in labeled shoe boxes you can buy at the Dollar Store.

Get rid of what you do not use!  Remember, we are on a mission to take back our houses.  Let's commit to stop holding on to things we do not use and do not need.  I know it is difficult to let go sometimes, but let's not allow "stuff" to take up our heads, heads, or homes!  Give it to a friend who will use it more, donate it to a retirement home or hospital, or take it to your local Goodwill.  Regardless, move it out.  Stop thinking you might use it later and live for today!  If years from now I decide to take a cross stitching again (it could happen) I know where to get a new piece of fabric and some thread. 

Now, I know some of us are still tackling our pictures and scrapbooks (PLEASE someone tell me I am not alone!) but let's keep going this week and hit those arts, crafts, and hobbies area.

Meanwhile - show us your hard work on our Family, Faith and Fridays facebook page so we can cheer you on!

The next three weeks are some hard cleaning and organizing, but also some of my favorite assignments.  Get ready, friends!


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