Friday, November 15, 2019

A Year in My Life- Colby Edition

We do a lot of reviews around here and many just naturally become a part of our daily school routine.  It makes this momma very happy, and grateful, but sometimes it can quickly overwhelm my 7th grader.  Our school assignment book is often filled to the brim with some pretty serious subjects and assignments.  When I saw A Year My the Life. in the Timberdoodle Co. catalog I know it would be the perfect addition for our busy day that would give us a fun break from the tedious.

My kiddo is left brain dominant.  He loves logic, and numbers, and sequences, and facts and organization.  I mean, REALLY loves those things; sometimes to the detriment of his creative side.  As a matter of fact, part of a program we are currently engaged in is helping us to work on developing his right brain with activities that are much more free flowing and creative.

Hence, my interest in A Year My the Life.
This little book has 365 prompts, one for every day of the year, to help you get your creative juices flowing.  Some prompts require more thought and time, others are quite simple and require very little work.  You may be asked to write out a few thoughts on something that happened in your day, or complete a drawing of a hot air balloon.  You could be asked to create a new magical creature or draw a picture of your favorite piece of art.  You can pretend you are a pirate and draw yourself on a ship , draw your favorite vegetables, or write down your most embarrassing moment.  The best part- you can do them in order or you can choose whatever prompt peaks your interest that particular day. 

It is so much fun!

How are we using this?
We had all intentions of doing one of the prompts every day, but we found ourselves forgetting on weekends, so we finally decided to just make it part of our daily school schedule.  Turns out it has been a great way to take a break between harder subjects like math and grammar.  It allows us to take a breath, regroup from frustration, and often laugh together for a few minutes.  AND- it is helping my analytical child have fun being creative.  So, yes, it will last us a bit over a true calendar year, but we are excited to be able to look back at our finished project when we are done.

Why we love this and why you will too!

Super creative! The prompts have such a wide range of subject matter and will appeal to both boys and girls.

Super flexible! Use this as a stocking stuffer or birthday present.  Pretend it is art for the day or give your kids something to do in the car while you run errands. 

Super inexpensive!  ($9.50) Price is great, in my opinion!  Hey, when you spend a fortune om curriculum, that's important to you!

Super quick!  Yes, you can spend a lot of time on each prompt if you choose or if you have a very detail oriented child, but most can be completed in just a few minutes.

Just plain SUPER!  And extremely imaginative.  So grab a copy and get those right sides of the brains working!  The fun will last an entire year.

A Year My the Life. is part of the Timberdoodle 8th Grade Curriculum Kit, but would be great for middle schoolers and up!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What's in a Day?

There was a time in my life as a homeschooling mom that every day looked about the same.  I am a HUGE fan of calendars, charts, and checklists, and with four kiddos it has served us well.  I am a homebody who doesn't have time for field trips and lunch dates.

Until now!  Well, I still don't have time for field trips, but lunch dates have become more frequent now that the kids are older and I am officially only schooling our last one, who is capable of feeding himself.  It is a new season in our lives and I am trying to embrace it.

Here is my issue though- no one day looks the same.  Now I know that is not a big deal to most of you, but the organizing, control freak that lives in me cringes a bit every morning.  Try as I might, our days are not neat little packages any more.  The troops have seen the other side and they have rebelled!  Between a traveling husband, two adult children living with us currently, an almost 18 year old who is taking online college classes, and my sports loving, go-go go 12 year old, well, let's just say our days can be a bit crazy!

So what does our school schedule look like?

In theory we do school from 9-3, with a quick lunch break in there somewhere.

Reality?  HA

Several day a week my husband is home and plays havoc with our school schedule.  We love it so I am not complaining, but it DOES throw us off.  Let's face it, dad is more fun than school, especially when he is gone half of the week.

And my son goes to numerous sports practices now that he is older and attend an achievement center activity three afternoons a week.

And our girls both have jobs that are polar opposites in times.  As well as social lives.

And who added all the doctor, dentists, and eye appointments to my calendar?

And I just started PT that is supposed to be fit in three times a week.

And I have friends that I love and refuse to put on the back burner.

And...on and on and on!

Anyone relate?

And so it goes.  Our ever changing day.  The only thing that is a constant is meal time, but even that is only for those that are actually at home at that time and only because I refuse to let some old habits and traditions go.  I am stubborn like that!

Here is what I am learning.

  • The Lord reminds us to hold loosely to plans.  Proverbs 19:21- Many are the plans in the mind of man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. (ESV)  That is a struggle for me, but one that I am trying hard to surrender to with less whining.  

  • All the time in our day is not nearly as important as all the people in our day.  Calendars are fun but family and friends are better.

  • While my day's schedule may not always look like I would like for it to, each day is a gift to be treasured.

Hard to believe, but some of my friends actually have my desired "normal" days!  Check out all of their posts on the Timberdoodle Blog Hop!


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Monday, October 21, 2019

Can Biology Be Friendly?

Can you believe that I am on my fourth child in homeschooling and I am still in search of the perfect science program?  Specifically, science at the high school level.  We have used a few we have liked, but man, we have also used a few that I just cannot bring myself to teach for a fourth time!  Biology is one of those subjects.  I am just NOT a science lover, but I do have a few science loving kiddos- one of which will be ready for Biology soon.  So yes, the search is on!

Enter Friendly Biology!  I have been keeping my eye on this program authored by Joey and Lisa Hajda for a while now.  Husband and wife team, both have extensive degrees, have taught at higher levels, and have homeschooled ten children.  They have a huge fan following and reviews are pretty impressive, so when I had the opportunity to see for myself what the excitement was about, I jumped at the chance!  Reviewing for Timberdoodle Co. is always a privilege and this time was no exception. This is the science listed in Timberdoodle's  9th Grade Curriculum kit.  

Let's talk about the program components!

First up- the text book. This hefty 457 page softbound book covers 28 chapters from Biology basics to Genetics and Animal Kingdoms.  Each chapter has key words and phrases in bold type and main ideas highlighted in yellow boxes throughout the text.  Full color pictures abound.  The chapters end with a quick review of the main points and then a lab activity is presented.  Sample chapters can be found here!

Labs- The labs included are simple yet well tied to the chapter lesson.  Supplies are listed at the beginning, and a complete supply list can be accessed online.  Procedures and any safety measures needed are listed clearly and there is a space to write results in the book if desired.  You can also download lab worksheets from the Friendly Biology website for your student to use. 

Student Workbook- In the consumable student workbook you will find two practice pages for each chapter.  The first is a fill in the blank- multiple choice format.  The second practice page is a word search or crossword puzzle.

Lessons Tests and Answer Keys- A multiple choice test is included for each lesson to give to your student.  Included are tests answer keys, as well as the practice pages answer keys.

 My thoughts- 
Though we have not started using this as a curriculum yet, I have spent a lot of time reading it on my own.  I have been in search for a Biology course that is rigorous and yet easy to use, so it is important to me to know what I am getting into before I start it.  In the past I have found science curriculum that either water things down too much or are so high and lofty that only a trained science teacher could understand it.  Yes, some of the concepts in Friendly Biology are pretty deep (enzymes and genetics, anyone?), but they are clearly explained and I believe student friendly.  While it is always my goal to work through subjects with my children, I do believe that my son could handle this course on his own with little extra help.

I love that there are experiments included for each chapter but do not require extensive and expensive lab equipment.  As Joey Hejda explains, often times to see what you really need to see via a microscope you would have to have one that costs hundreds of dollars.  Instead, they provide true life pictures that more clearly show anything you would see on your own.  One of the neat aspects of Friendly Biology is that you can purchase a video package that has live teaching for each chapter.  This is a perfect addition for those of us who have more visual or auditory learners!  A few examples are available for you to preview on the Friendly Biology website. 

I appreciate the practice pages are concise and not a bunch of busy work. The tests and answer keys are thorough and easy to use and an integral part of the program.  And one of the best parts- the customer service!  I have not used it first hand, YET, I hear over and over again what a joy the Hajda's are to work with, and they can even be reached by phone.  Fellow homeschool moms will join me in a hallelujah chorus, I am sure! Let's face it, sometimes you just need to have a student's question be answered by a professional.

Bottom line, I have found our new Biology and am eager to use it, possibly as early as next August!  After careful consideration , I am confident Friendly Biology will prepare my son for higher level sciences while allowing me to maintain my sanity!  It's a win- win for all!

The Hajdas have also authored Friendly Chemistry and Friendly Anatomy.



Thursday, October 17, 2019

Have School, Will Travel

I know, can you believe it?  Two posts in one week!  I am on a roll!  It is hard to imagine I am sure, but there was a time in the life of this blog that I posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  No matter what.  Yeah, those were the days.

Anyway, I digress...

You may remember that my sweet hubby took a job about two hours from where we live.  Typically he leaves on Sunday night or early Monday morning, and returns home Thursday about dinner time.  It could certainly be worse, but at this stage of our lives, and after spending much our married life apart, it is not what we would choose.  It is where God has us for now and we are grateful he is loving his job and settling in to teaching.

None the less, after a busy week prior and having to put down our 16 year old dog on Friday, I decided the boys and I could use a break.  Well, I am sure the girls could too, but hey, they have jobs!  Thankfully, as a homeschooler, and now that football is done, we have the freedom to come and go, and so GO we did!

Packed up school and a few clothes and headed out the door.

Very early!

We are currently enjoying the sweet Air BNB life my husband has during the week, exploring the area, and just being still!  I could get a tad spoiled!  I was even smart enough to bring along the crock pot since we have limited cooking capabilities here, and the place smells so good when we get back in the evening.  If you haven't tried that before, I highly recommend it!  Not only does it save money, but it is a warm welcome when you come home tired after a busy day.  Not sure what the maid service thinks about us when they come in to clean our rooms in a hotel, but oh well!

Here's praying you, too, can find moments of rest during your busy week!


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Kids In Our Life

Most of you know we have four kiddos.  Some of you even know said kids.  But some of you are newer here so I thought this would be a good time to reintroduce them and catch you up to some changes.  Plus, my fellow Timberdoodle Blogger Team members are all talking about their kids this week, so hey, I am joining the fun!

Our oldest is 25.  You may know her as the seamstress and quilt maker.  For over 6 or so years, she has run Ashton's Attic, making homemade t-shirt quilts.  Her father and I begged her to do one last move with us to Arizona and as it turns out, she has settled in nicely.  Loves our church, loves the warmer weather, and has a new job she adores.  Get this- working in the finance and mortgage world, of all things.  This is the same girls who used to cry whenever we did math.  Yep, the irony cracks me up.  But for some reason, Stewardship took a chance on her, and she loves what she does.

Our next daughter is 21 and recently graduated with a Musical Theater degree.  We thought she was headed to Disney when she got offered a job as...wait for it, A QUEEN, for the newly opened Medieval Times in Scottsdale, AZ.  Yep, went from the princess we always knew she was to Queen in one audition. She, too, works with an amazing group of people she adores and comes home from work daily singing, "I love my job!"

Our oldest son is a senior in high school and will soon be 18!  Where has time gone?  He is pretty much finished with high school and is dual-crediting college colleges at lightning speed.  Next fall he will be pursuing a Gunsmithing degree.  For those who know and love him, you know that knives and guns are his passion and we are excited to see where this opportunity leads him.  Turns out, we may be following HIM for a change to his new location.  (more of that to come as some point!)

And our youngest!  He is 12 and ready to rock the world!  He is still swimming and recently played flag football on a homeschool team.  They won all but one game, so suffice to say he was thrilled.  We are currently homeschooling in 7th grade and history is still his favorite subject!  He keeps me busy which is good since I don't see the older three as much these days!

As our life slowly transitions, I find myself contemplating shutting down the blog at times.  You may have noticed it's been a bit quiet around here.  BUT- there are some exciting changes coming in our lives and if nothing else, at least my family will be entertained! ;)  I also have a few fun ideas brewing- we will see if I can get myself going!

Thanks for visiting us in our little neck of the woods!


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