Monday, July 9, 2018

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Sound familiar to you?  If you have been around Family, Faith and Fridays for a while now, you may remember that we reviewed Bible Study Guide For All Ages years ago, when our youngest was just 6.  At that time we were using the beginner level, but this review time we have been using the Advanced level, intended for 5th and 6th graders.  Spoiler alert- loved it then, love it now.

So what is it?  
The Bible Study Guide For All Ages is a Bible curriculum for groups or individuals that comes in four levels- Beginner (3-K), Primary (1st-2nd), Intermediate (3rd-4th), and Advanced (5th-6th).  If completed you will cover the Old and New Testaments in 416 lessons.  If you are teaching separate ages, the different levels run the same allowing you to cater to each child at their individual level.

There are two main parts to the program- the Teacher's Guide and the Student Pages.  You will complete the front and back for one lesson.  The student pages are consumable so you need a set for each student, and the Teacher's guide pages are identical to those pages, except they have the answers as well as any extra information that might be helpful in teaching, such as what parts of the time line need to be added if you are using that resource and what places need to be added to the wall map if you are using that.  Additional scriptures are listed for your reference as well as a place for you to add any additional notes you may want to use while teaching.

You can also buy a pack of Bible Book Summary cards, as well as a CD with original songs on it to help with memory work.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

If you have the room, there is also a wall map and time line set that is to die for!  Seriously, makes me long for a dedicated school room to put it all up on the wall.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

How have we used it?
Because our oldest son has grown out of the age range for this program, Colby, age 11, got to use it alone this time around. He is perfectly capable of doing the lesson by himself, but for the most part we did the lessons together, 2-3 a week depending on our schedule.

Each lesson begins with a Remember It? section, reviewing what you learned in the previous lesson.  There are spaces on the student pages for your student to write down the answers.

Following that there is the Memory Workout section.  Here your child reviews 2 things they have learned, whether a song, divisions of the New Testament, or something similar.  Every few days those are changed up a bit to keep it interesting.

The Guess What... section gives additional historical information such as why a firstborn child was considered special (when the father died he was given twice as much as other children) or what a cupbearer's responsibility was (to taste the king's food and wine to make sure it wasn't poisoned.)

The Time Line Activities or Map follow and have your child filling in details of the time line that is on their page, or labeling the map with places talked about in the lesson.

Get Active is intended to further explain the lesson, usually with group activities.  These are usually active lessons, requiring your child's participation. Since we are using this with just one child, I read ahead and see if there is an activity he can do alone or just with me.  It is hit or miss, but I will say that if you are teaching in a group setting the activities are great for getting kids up and active.  It would be a good way to either start the lesson or give kids a creative break in the middle.You know how squirmy Sunday School kids can get!

The last section on this front page is Apply It!  Here your child looks up a scripture and answers a few questions.  It always ends asking the child how this applies to their life or what is God saying to them.

On the back side of the page is where your child can really work independently- Discover the Bible.  It begins with the Bible chapter being studied, and I take that time to read to Colby.  He then works through the numbered questions one at a time and asks me if he needs help or is confused by anything.  Often the questions require just a one or two word answer, but your child will also be asked to draw pictures and look up scriptures.

I love that, while the content of the study is thorough and makes Colby think not only about what he is learning but also encourages him to think how to apply it to his own life, it is also lighthearted and fun enough to keep him from being overwhelmed with busy work.  The pictures often make him laugh and he is still young enough to enjoy drawing quick pictures.

My only complaint with this curriculum is the page size.  Silly I know, but you know how particular we homeschool moms can be! ;)  The pages are approximately 8.5x14 and therefore awkward to store on a shelf with our other books and notebooks.  I can see how this size would benefit a larger group setting, but I would love to see a version made that uses the typical 8x11 page that could be hole punched and added to a three ring notebook.  Not a show stopper, but it would be a perk.

Regardless of the page size, we are enjoying Bible Study Guide For All Ages and look forward to continuing to work through the additional lessons!

Bible Study Guide For All Ages {Reviews}
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Friday, July 6, 2018

Still in the Desert

Literally.  And figuratively!

Monday will mark our 6 week point of being in Arizona.  6 weeks!  It doesn't even seem possible in some ways.

We do love the area.  It is beautiful and it is sunny.  Seriously sunny!  We have seen rain once and it was just a few sprinkles (regardless of the fact that the weather app notified me of rain and flooding), and wispy clouds three different days.  It was funny, they were here and then they were not.  Not sure where they went but they didn't stick around for long.

That I can get used to!

So people keep asking if we are settling in.

That's where the STILL IN THE DESERT figuratively part fits in.

Another dust devil

 Oh my word, are we in a desert.  Dry and lonely.

Did I mention lonely?  We went to a family friend's house this past weekend (had a blast) and it hit me that they were the first people I had talked to, outside my family and the shop cashiers and a few sweet friends on the phone, in FIVE WEEKS!

OK, I said hi to the greeters at church and asked a few questions there, but I am talking about real conversations, people.   It's not that I don't like my kids and husband, but well, even then there is not much to talk about after 5 weeks in an Airbnb.

Needless to say, we are growing weary of our current housing status.  We are eager to move into a house we can call our own, establish some friendships, and move on with our lives.  Oh, and get our stuff out of storage!  I am ready for my own bed, my own dishes, and the rest of my clothes.  We have bought and read way too many books (there IS such a thing) and played way too many games!  It is like a never ending vacation, and while I know that may sound like fun to some, let me assure you it is not all rainbows and ponies.  The space seems to shrink daily, tempers run short, and there is a shortage of things to do. 

I have bought plates because I was tired of washing the same 6 three times a day, more forks for the same reason, a mixing bowl because there was not one here, and numerous other things to "get by".

Doing vacation in an Airbnb is one thing, but dong life is by far another.

By now I am sure you are saying what a whiny lady!  Right?  I promise I only whine a few times a week.  Mostly.  But this is a real blog with real people behind it and we are just trying to keep it real.  So while we are ever so thankful for this new job, and new state- we are anxious to find new friends and a new place to live.

Until then, would you whisper a prayer that our Nebraska house sells?  And that if you call me to chat you don't catch me in one of my whiny moments! ;)


Friday, June 22, 2018

Marriage is Worth It

I have a sweet friend who is new to the blogging world that I just adore.  I actually met her when she was a teen- the daughter of a friend that God brought into my life when I didn't even know I needed a friend.  (I did!  And she has blessed me over and over again through the years!) She is so dear to my heart and of course, her sweet daughter is too.

By the grace and goodness of God, we were all reunited years later in Omaha.  That sweet teen has grown into a lovely young woman, who is now married and raising three precious girls.  I mean seriously, precious!

She shared a blog post this week that spoke to my heart.  It reminded me of my younger days with a new marriage and young children, and the challenges that holds.

And it reminded me of the importance of fortitude, and determination, and love and GOD!

It had a lot of good reminders to us all, whether a newlywed, or an old married pro.  (do those even exist?)

So I asked if I could share with you all!  She said yes!

Here ya go folks- enjoy and be blessed and remember that God's plan is perfect, even through the ups and downs!

You can find Kailah blogging at The Mindful Life.  Nebraska mama to 3 precious girls & wifey to my mister. A blog about real life, motherhood, meal planning, relationships, minimalism, and our passionate journey to Homeschooling.

My husband and I are celebrating seven years of marriage this coming Monday! These past seven years have flown by, and have blessed us more than we could have ever imagined. We have a very short timeline of when we met, when we got engaged, when we married, and when we had our first baby. Many people had doubts, but we knew that our commitment to one another was nothing to take lightly. We had a shotgun wedding, as some would tag us as, but the amount of love and support that we received from our friends and family was simply incredible. Now, seven years later, three miracle babies, three pregnancy losses, a home purchase, several family trips, the loss of my grandpa, an unbelievable amount of family drama that showed us that we cleave and settle into one another, instead of letting it tear us apart, and everything in between, has shaped the best and worst seven years of my life....

Read the rest here!


Monday, June 18, 2018

Still Here...

Literally.  Still here  In an AirBNB.  Living out of suitcases.  Minimal school books, minimal clothes, and minimal things in general.

Are we having fun yet?

Go on, you answer- I will just sit here quietly and try not to cry!

OK, it is not THAT bad but it could be close to getting that bad!  Our oldest went on a trip for a week to visit a friend.  Well timed- I think she was starting to go stir crazy.

Clarke left this morning for a quick two day trip.  Again, well timed!  Excited for him, bummed for me.

Thankfully there are some things to be excited about.  

We found a house we really like.  Just gotta figure out how to buy it while we still own our house in Omaha.

Clarke loves his job so far!

Friends are starting to make plans to come visit us and our calendars give us something to look forward to!  Make your reservations quick!

We have found some new school things to start so if, I mean, when, our stuff finally gets delivered we will be ahead in a few school subjects!

AND....we are featured on the Timberdoodle Blog today!  If you remember, I review for them occasionally, as they one of our favorite homeschool curriculum catalogs.  The products Timberdoodle Co. carries are amazing and fun and many can be used for any kiddo, not just homeschoolers.  Take a look sometime!

Here is the link for our "Day in the Life article" so you can read about what our day currently looks like while we strive to survive...and THRIVE!!


Monday, June 11, 2018

Happy Birthday, 11 Year Old!

Wishing this amazing kiddo of ours a Happy 11th Birthday!


He keeps us young and keeps us laughing.
He challenges us to be better parents and shows us what it means to love.

He is a joy and a gift!  He may have only been home for 9 years, but he has been in our hearts forever!

He is LOVED!