Friday, January 22, 2021

Oh, the Irony!

This poor blog has been so neglected lately!

December is a busy month no matter how you cut it.  Add in Covid times 5 people, and then a wedding and well, you get dead silence from me!  (If only my husband had had that too, haha)

I was down for almost three weeks, and here at the six week point I am still feeling run down and coughing.  I continue to spread the message, no matter how you feel or don't feel about the vaccination, mask policies, etc, Covid is NO JOKE!  Praise the Lord the rest of my family recovered quickly and I am now on my way.  We continue to pray nightly for those who have suffered greatly with this disease, whether through being sick or through the loss of those they love.  It is heartbreaking.

Most of you I know, have seen pictures of Ashton's wedding, but on the off chance you have not I will share with you with a few of my favorites! 

A final note...

As you do when you are stuck in bed for three weeks, I had A LOT of time to think and dream and plan.  When I was not asleep, of course.  One of the things I decided during that time was it is time to shut this blog down.  I originally started it to be able to share homeschool curriculum reviews with you.  I have done that since February 2012.  Since then, we have graduated three kiddos with only one left to go.  He will begin his freshman year in August and the need for new curriculum is in the past.  (As is the photo willing kid!)  I have two reviews left in the cue, so by the end of February we should be done.  

The irony?  My page view per day have been sky high the past four weeks!  Go figure!

I will have more to say about that closer to time, but in the meantime, know I have loved every minute of our shared space.  Saying goodbye will not be easy.

Oh, one more thing...  if you know how to transfer a blog into a book type product (for me personally) would you please let me know?  I have tried two sources but one would not let me edit anything out (like, signatures, linkys, etc) and one was gong to cost me $1600.00.  Who knew my ramblings were worth so much!  NOT!

Love you guys...more to come!