Monday, June 3, 2019

34 weeks of Clean 2019! Week 21- The Hall Closet

This week's assignment, the Hall Closet!

I know some of you may have already gotten to this room when you did your entry, but I waited on mine.  If you are ahead of us, good for you!  Take this week to either sit back and gloat or go back and finish up an unfinished project! (Scrapbooks, anyone??)  Or how about revisit your kitchen and see how you are keeping it up!  Remember, we can not do things once and expect them to remain perfect.  There is always need for maintenance- at least in my house.

Luckily for me, this was a pretty easy week despite the fact that until recently we had this tiny space pretty packed! How many coats does one really need when they live in Arizona?  I mean, really!  We have each kept one heavy coat that are housed elsewhere but we ousted most of our heavy winter wear since moving here.  Instead we have a few rain coats, yes that is a laugh as well, and a lightweight jacket for each of us.

Simplicity is a great thing!


  •  So first things are first.  Yep, you guessed it - pull it all out.  This space holds our main vacuum cleaner,  a few coats, the central vacuum, and a few containers for files that house brochures and menus for the area for quick reference, house information, and owner's manuals.

  •  After you pull it all out it is time to sort!  What are you really using or wearing?  What have your kids outgrown?  Do you really need four coats (just saying)?  Is one lone glove really helpful when it gets cold?

  •  After we determined what made the cut and what didn't, it was time to wash!  Yes, you need to do this!  If you are in an area with snow and such all winter, trust me, those coats, scarves and hats are grimy at best!  Wash them and they are clean and ready to go for the next season.  

  • Wipe down the area including walls, shelves, and baseboards before putting things back in.   

Not a very exciting week, I admit, but one we all should be able to get done easily!  Some weeks we need a quieter project, right?  You can thank me later.  Or just send chocolate now!

Remember, one week at a time - every little step is progress.  Keep what you need and love, pass the rest on.  You will be glad you did!

See 'ya back here next week!  Until then, happy cleaning!

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