Monday, June 10, 2019

34 weeks of Clean 2019! Week 22- The Laundry/Mud Room

Welcome back to 34 Weeks of Clean!  If this is your first time joining us, we are so glad you are here! Even though we are on the downhill part of this series, I want to encourage you to pick up where we are and just move forward.  No step is little when it comes to cleaning and organizing.  It all counts and it is all good!  We are in the process of taking our homes back, one week at a time!  You can do it. 

This week we are headed to our laundry rooms/mudrooms!

My new laundry room is still a work in progress.  This is one area of our house that I settled for a much smaller area than I would have liked when we bought this house.  Sometimes you just can't get everything on your wish list.  As our kids are growing up, all but our youngest are responsible for their own clothes so my time in the laundry room is pretty minimal compared to what it has been in the past.  None the less, I would love to have someone take out that small cabinet in the corner and move the washer and dryer to the back wall under the window to make more space. (yes, it will fit, I have already measured!) I would then hang a bar under the cabinets that I could use to hang things for drying.  One can dream, right?! 

Anyway, here we go...

  • Take everything out.  You knew it, right? ;)  Yes, you can leave the washer and dryer, but all else comes out.  If your hubby is available, the appliances should come away from the walls too!

  • Wipe down all surfaces, including floors.  It is hard to squeeze behind those appliances, but trust me, you need to.  It is dusty back there.  Ask me how I know these things!

  • If you have windows in this area, clean them, and don't forget to look up and clean out light fixtures and ceiling fans if you have them.  Yes, I had more blinds to clean.

  • Take the time to clean out your washing machine.  Even the top loading ones can get grimy, but the newer front loading ones especially do.  We use a vinegar solution and occasionally resort to bleach.  In hindsight, I would not purchase front loading washing machine again!  I hate leaving it open, but if I do not it  begins to smell.  Plus, I have decided I am too old to squat down to get things in and out of it!

    Before you put things back, ask yourself

            - do I need it?
            -does it belong somewhere else? 

I ended up getting rid of quite a lot and consolidating a lot of bottles of stuff.  The previous owner left tons of special wood floor and tile cleaners and some we ended up just tossing.

*One last thing about my Dawn container.  Yes, I use Dawn to wash dishes.  We make a lot of our own cleaning products, including laundry soap, but I still use Dawn for dishes.  Any time I finish a bottle I fill it with water and put it in the laundry room as my "stain stick."  Seriously, Dawn will take out most stains, and I save a little money by "recycling."

  • If you have a separate mud room, start at the top and do the same basic cleaning!  After a long winter in many places, those areas need a bit of TLC!

So that is it for this week.  Pretty simple, huh?  Can't wait to hear how you did last week!  Don't forget to show us your progress by leaving a picture on our Facebook page!  
Have a blessed week, my friends!

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