Monday, June 24, 2019

34 Weeks of Clean 2019! Week 24-Porches and Decks

Before it gets too hot to live around here (yes, I know, it is a "dry" heat), we are headed outside for a few weeks to spruce up the front and back porches and a few other outside projects. (Don't worry, we will head back inside to finish up some places there soon!) During our monsoon seasons and for some of you, long winters, a lot of dirt and grime collects, plastic things get brittle and break, and the place just screams for a little TLC.

So Porches and Decks are up!  Ready, set, go!

  • Clear it all off.

  •  Wash it all off.  This includes-

          - furniture
           -windows and doors
           -cracks and crevices

Excuse the towel but I was headed in from he pool and decided what better time to clean!
  • Throw anything broken or ratty out!

  • Return things to where they REALLY belong.

  • Add a touch of beauty!  You don't have to invest a lot, just a little something that makes you smile every time you walk by.  This could include a plant, some pretty flowers, or just a mat at the door that says welcome!

Someday I want amazing outdoor furniture and such but for now, I am learning to be content with what we have.  I did add a colorful rug a few years and it has held up well.  Next year I hope to change all of the cushions out to navy blue so I can have a solid, neutral background to add seasonal pillows and decorations to.  Our neighborhood is BIG into decorating front porches, and hey, who am I to be the odd man out!?  

Our back porch gets great sun most of the day, which means it tends to roast you alive at times.  My awesome hubby added these old shutters for a little architectural bling and some much needed sun block.  On the front porch we added these old glass pieces to break up the big open spaces.

Someday we will figure out how to hide the water softener that the previous owners plopped on the back porch!

A quick note of encouragement... not one of us is in the same situation, has the same tastes, or is even in the same place in our lives.  Some of us live in apartments, rentals, or even with family. Some of us have palatial homes while others are bursting at the seams.  Regardless of our circumstances, we have a choice to either be content or not.  From one who until recently moved every two years or so, may I encourage you to be content with where God has you?  He has great plans for you and your family.  Look for the blessings and be thankful - something I tell myself daily!

Just 10 weeks to go, my friends!  Make them count!


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