Friday, August 23, 2013

TOS Crew Review- Legacy Documentaries

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Legacy Documentaries is a production company headed up by Dean Butler that is dedicated to the production of DVDs that "entertain, informs and shapes the lives of our viewers." (from the website)

I have no doubt that they have done just that in the videos Almanzo Wilder: Life Without Laura and Little House on the Prarie: The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Produced by Dean Butler, the actor that played Almanzo in the TV series, these two DVDs suitable for all ages will offer hours of entertainment and take you back to the time of the pioneers where life was simpler in so many ways and yet would challenge many of us today.

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Can you close your eyes and see Laura and her sisters Mary, Carrie, and eventually Grace running through the fields to school or off to fish in the pond or chase after Nellie?  Yep, me too!  I grew up on the Little House series and secretly wanted to be Laura.  What an exciting life she lived!  I thought I knew all there was to know about her from that wonderful series, but let's face it, I am sure there was much still to learn.  Now you can have the opportunity to fill in all the gaps!  Little House on the Prarie: The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder, selling for $24.95, is a one hour documentary on the infamous Laura Ingalls Wilder.  This is an up close and personal story of her real life that I am sure will delight all of you Little House on The Prairie Fans!

And then there was Almanzo..."Manly".  Who did not have a crush on him?  I think as a child I could not decide whether to root that Laura marry him or hope that there was still a chance I would.   Here is an opportunity for you Almanzo fans to know even more about the DVD Almanzo Wilder: Life Without Laura which sells for $21.95.  Using original footage from the Wilder homestead as well as recreated scenes, this DVD offers a closer look inside the growing up days of Almanzo in New York.   Two well known historians help capture the excitement many of you will remember reading in Farmer Boy, Laura's second book written about a year in the life of Almanzo.  The original homestead has been restored and is open to the public and is now on my Bucket List of places to visit.

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Whether you are a fan that grew up wishing you were a part of this exciting pioneer family and want to pass on that love to your own children, or whether you want to be able to use these DVDs as a teaching tool to show your kids what the pioneering spirit was all about, I think these two DVDs are a worthwhile addition to your library!  In addition to these two amazing videos, you can also purchase Pa's Fiddle: The Music of America and an Almanzo picture, autographed by Dean Butler.


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