Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fun Fridays- Alone, Yet Not Alone Review and Giveaway

Yes, you read it right!  We are going to have a little giveaway fun here at Family, Faith and Fridays!  I have been blessed to review some amazing books and such lately and now I get to pass the blessings on to several of you.  I hope you will join me each Friday in September and October for your chance to win some great products!

First up- A Historical Fiction book!

Can you imagine being kidnapped by Natives who barely speak your language?

Can you imagine walking for months to an unknown location, often while tied up?

Can you imagine not seeing your family for years?

These are only a few of the experiences of Barbara and Regina, two young sisters who really lived during the French and Indian War.  Alone, Yet Not Alone tells the true life story of these two resilient and faith driven sisters that were kidnapped during the Penn's Creek Massacre.  Separated from each other early on in the journey west, the story tells of Barbara's remarkable tale of survival- enduring miles of travel. learning a new language and years of loneliness.  But it also tells of her faith in God.  Through it all, she never gives up the hope of escaping and finding her sister and being reunited with her family.  She keeps the familiar hymn her mother often sang to them, "Alone, But Not Alone" in her heart and mind.

Often a heart wrenching and sit on the edge of your seat story, Alone, But Not Alone is written primarily for the tween/teen and older audience.  While written in a sensitive way, the murder of Barbara's family, the abuse and hatred the prisoners endured and the hair raising escape would probably be too much intensity for younger children.

Our family loves historical fiction however, and found this novel to be quite entertaining, while staying true to the historical facts of the time.

Excitingly, this book is being released as a movie September 27th, 2013.  You can watch the movie trailer here.   Additional movie information can be found at the website  Make sure you like the facebook page,, to keep updated on movie release information.

We are excited to be able to give away one copy of Alone, Yet Not Alone.  Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win.

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See you back next week for another fun giveaway!



  1. Looks like a really interesting story. I'm looking forward to trying it...

  2. I really enjoy Christian Fiction and inspirational.

  3. My favourite is Christian Historical Fiction :)

  4. My favorite type of books to read are Christian Fiction and Homeschooling books.

  5. Oh I haven't jumped into books like this but this one seems like it would be really interesting to me! Wish I wouldn't have missed that giveaway!


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