Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun Friday- Pizza Edition

Still having pizza?  We are!  At least once a week for lunch and almost weekly for dinner as well.  Our favorite thing to do on Friday nights is have Family Night- complete with movie and a "fun food".  Usually fun foods equate to easy prep and easy tote-ability.  (Is that a word?)  In other words, can we easily carry it to the living room to eat?  IT is the one time I break the we-eat-at-the-kitchen-table-like-civilized-human-beings rule.

this recipe is pretty easy because it is mostly made up.  Sorry, no science here.  Partly because at some point I lost the recipe and secondly because, have I mentioned before, I have picky eaters.

So here it is

Cheeseburger Pizza

Brown 1 pound of hamburger meat.
Mix 1/2 cup ketchup, 1/4 cup mustard and 2-3 TBSP Worcestershire  sauce.  Spread on baked pizza dough.
Top with browned meat.
Top with cheese of your liking.
Bake additional 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.
When done, top with lettuce (that's where we stop- boring I tell 'ya), pickles, tomato!


Before fixings!

Boring Lettuce!


  1. Oooohhhh! It looks delicious! I will have to try that, but make the Atkins version of the crust. Thanks!

  2. hubby said.. that looks good. Son said.. i wouldn't want to try that. I say....interesting pizza, couldn't eat it cause the beef. :)

    Annette @ A net in time

    1. Funny how everyone likes something different isn't it? That's why we always do two at a time and sometimes even then one is half of one thing and half of another!

  3. We have weekly pizza nights, too. And with boring eaters, I may have to give this a tre.

  4. yum! did you see the free Kindle pizza night book? here's a link for you --

  5. That looks simply scrummy! I think the best homemade pizzas we've had have been "made up." ;)


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