Monday, August 5, 2013

5 Days of Moving Madness- A CREW Blog Hop (day 1)

Since I just finished our 12th move in 21 years, how could I NOT write about moving for 5 days in a row.  After all, I just finished several WEEKS in a row of boxes, boxes and more boxes.  I hope you will join me each day this week for a little fun as well as a lot of the nitty-gritty details and how-to's that we have learned along the way.
Today, let's start with the fun!

10 Commandments of Moving
1.  Thou shalt expect the unexpected. 'Cause you KNOW it's coming!
2.  Thou shalt try (hard) to retain one's sense of humor.
3.  Thou shall try to laugh.  A lot.  (I know, it overlaps with #2, but trust me, you WILL need this.)
4.  Thou shalt be patient with thy family members. 
5.  Thou shalt be nice to the packers and movers.  Bribery with food is encouraged.
6. Thou shalt forgive any words spoken between family members from 2 weeks prior to 2 months after a move. (You can thank me for this later.)
7. Thou shalt smile and nod.  And smile some more.
8.  Thou shalt keep all furniture hardware in a safe spot.  And then remember where that safe spot is.
9.  Thou shalt label the mattress boxes.  Trust me on this one too, once the sheets are off they all look the same and for some reason everyone thinks the good set is theirs.  Just saying!
and finally, and most importantly...
10.  Thou shalt be in prayer!  A lot!
See ya back tomorrow with Pre-Move Check List
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  1. I remember that military moving truck! Great list : )!

  2. Hmmm - lost my comment, so hoping this isn't a duplicate.

    Love this list! I'll have to read it to my family when we get closer to our own move. :)

  3. We have had #6 as a rule for many, many moves. For this overseas move, we extended it to months before too...there was so much to get organized and figured out with pet travel, the 3 different pack outs and then being without our stuff for 8 plus weeks. Every move is a new adventure that is tiring, sometimes frustrating but in the end usually turns out to be fun!

    1. Betting you could write your own whole week of posts on your recent overseas move alone! ;) Now THAT is something I am glad we have avoided! haha

  4. Moving isn't fun, but at least you have a sense of humor about it! ;-)


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