Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 Days of Moving Madness- Blog Hop (day 2)

So you are moving?  Welcome to the fun.  No really, this is the fun part!  Trust me, enjoy it now, because from here on out can be quite a ride.

First things first...where are you headed?  Whether it is just across town or across the country there are some things you need to take on first...like now!

Whenever we get a new assignment, that's military talk for "guess what, you are moving, surprise", we do our research.  Hey, you have to make it fun.  Moving is hard, but if you have to take your family kicking and screaming it gets even harder.  So your first assignment is find out what is GREAT about where you are going.  (If you cannot find something great, find something mediocre and talk it up as the new best thing!)  Whatever you do, create excitement.  Get your family on board.  One, it will carry you through the challenges and even tears and two, it gives you all something to work on as a team.  Teamwork will be your best friend for this move.  Visit your town's Chamber of Commerce website and print out all the info you can find.  Let the kids do some research and make a list of things they want to do and see when you arrive.  This year our move was right as summer started so we centered most of our Summer Bucket List around our new location to help give us things to look forward to!

Next, and not so much fun, but oh, so important...planning your trip.  If you are relocating across town, you get this one off, otherwise find some maps and get planning.  Plan your stops and make reservations in advance, before the madness sets in and you get too busy.  If you are traveling with large families or pets this is especially important.  Just grabbing a room is not as easy as it use to be.  Did you know that some hotels want proof of vaccines these days...for your pets, not your kids!

Visit your post office and fill out change of address forms!  They will eventually find you, but it is nice to help them out.  Remember that magazines and extras such as that will not be forwarded so update those as well.  We keep a running list of magazines and catalogs we would still like to get so I can remember to change those addresses.  Now is also a good time to weed out any unwanted mailings!

Call the utility companies (gas, electric, water, sewer, cable, etc) and schedule cutoff dates.  At that time, ask if you can get a credit reference letter from them...it can help you save money sometimes with your new services.  Now, call those new services and schedule start dates.  DO IT NOW!  Don't wait, or you will get to your new house and your oldest college age daughter who is taking on line classes will have exams to take and no internet and have to take quizzes on her smart phone and exams in the local coffee shop when she doesn't even like coffee.  Just saying!  (Yes, we have done this 12 times and yes, we still messed that one up.) 

Call the movers and double check your packing and moving days.  They are human and they mess up.  All the time in fact.  If you don't believe me I have several friends you can ask!  Right?!!)

Think ahead and plan, plan, plan.  Remember the First Commandment of Moving from yesterday?  
The unexpected is just around the corner...lurking.  Careful planning CAN keep MOST things at bay.  Most.
See 'ya tomorrow for your next task at hand-packing!

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