Monday, August 12, 2013

More Bucket List Fun at the Children's Museum

This post is a little delayed due to last weeks Blog Hop, 5 Days Of Moving, posts, but I thought you might enjoy seeing another one of our Bucket List items checked off.  Pretty soon after we moved here we found the Children's Museum of South Dakota and promptly bought a seasons pass.  This place is fabulous!

I wish I had more pictures to show you but I forgot the camera and had to rely on my daughter's phone instead.  
With all of our moves, we have been to A LOT of Children's Museums.  This is by far one of our favorites.  I am amazed that such a gem in located in this little town.  There is a wonderful cafe inside and then room after room of fun to be had.

We found -

A water room - this is our destination next week as well.  Just. That. Room!  Trust me, you can spend a lot of time in there but be prepared to get wet!  Even the older kids liked it!

A music room - Be a part of the college band or make your own music

An art room - For scheduled activities or your own work.  Has a large window you can paint on!

Mail room, grocery store, post office.  All of the rooms are connected with phones so you can call from one to the other.  This was my 6 year olds favorite thing to do once he got started.  He was a little shocked the first time we called a room and someone answered and started talking to him.  Wish I had been able to get a picture of  the look on his face.  Hysterical!

An exercise room - The kids could see who could jump the furthest and measure their heart rate.

A farm - You could plant fruits and veggies, milk a cow and take produce to the grocery store.  We loved the corn!  There are even stuffed bugs you can put in there!

There are also different houses to play in including a tepee, a climbing structure that looks like a giant spiderweb and my favorite, a giant lite brite!  The big kids loved that as well.

And then there is the upstairs.
Large blocks to build things and rotating exhibits.

And then there is the outside part.
Tunnels to explore, giant sandboxes, a creek bed and waterhole to splash in, a fishing pond and two giant animatronic dinosaurs that the kids said rated up there or even better than the ones at The Creation Museum!  
A treasure of mind-stimulating and fun activities at a great price.  If you cannot find us at home on Friday afternoon's, look for us at the Children's Museum!

Have I mentioned I LOVE this town?

*This is not a review, nor am I an affiliate in any way.  This is just my good 'ole opinion!

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