Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lilla Rose Review and Hair Tutorials

 There are lots of fun perks to being a part of the blogging world, but my favorite has been meeting new people and forming friendships.  For our military family, having friends all over the world is just a normal part of our life.  I want to introduce to to one of those friends who has blessed me with the opportunity to write a review for her.  Meet Jennifer, fellow friend,  TOS CREW reviewer, and a Lilla Rose consultant!

You can find her on her Lilla Rose website or on her Facebook page or Pinterest.  Jennifer was looking for a few people to review her Flexi Clips and since we have three girls in this family with longer hair, how could I refuse! ;)  This is what we got in the mail -

THREE!  Yes, three to try! The top black one is a small size and the bottom two are mediums.  If you have never used these clips there is a sizing video on the website that I would encourage you to watch before you order.  It is most helpful and will show you how to do a few things as well.  The company also offers pony tail holders, hair sticks, bobby pins and hair bands as well as the prettiest badge holders!  You should see our "to order" list!

So what did we think?

Michele: (that's me!) These little gems are ingenious.  They are once piece clips that are pretty easy to use. The girls, of course, had no problem at all from the first time.  It took me a while to get used to it, but I can now put them in without a mirror.  If you have your sizing correct, these will stay put all day without slipping.  Since I have fine hair, that is a challenge for me!  If I were wearing just a pony tail, I would opt for a extra small size.  We did find that it was easier to put them in your own hair than others,  but that just may be our lack of hair experience.  Again, the girls were better at it than I was.

Medium size
Ashton: There is a pretty wide range of hair types in this family, mom has very fine hair, Riley has lots of hair but it is pretty smooth and straight, and I have course, wavy/curly hair that is shorter.  We loved that the Flexi Clips worked on all of our different hair types!

Please excuse my arm, trying to take a picture of the back of your head is hard. -Ashton

Ashton: Riley and I had so much fun trying hairstyles with the Flexi clips, and we thought we would share two hair tutorials with you - one easy and one harder, both using the Flexi Clip!  The lovely Riley is my model for both.  (Note, the first hairstyle you can do on yourself, the second is much easier to do on someone else.)

 This first one is pretty easy and perfect for everyday, all you have to know how to do is French Braid, its easy! (If you don't know how to french braid there are lots of tutorials on youtube.) 

1. Make a part pretty far to one side of the head. 

2. Divide the hair into three sections.

3. French Braid, creating a "crown." 

4. Continue French Braiding to right above the ear, then...

 5. Insert a small or Mini Flexi Clip, depending on your hair type. (Riley has a lot of hair so we were able to use the small, but a Mini would probably work best)


 That was easy. =) 

Here is the second tutorial! This one is more complected - a Triple Waterfall braid - and you do have to know how to waterfall braid, but the result is a really pretty and fancy up-do! Just go slow and maybe practice a few times. (Note, the key is to keep the braid really tight and the sections about the same thickness. You can learn how to waterfall braid on youtube.)

1. Part your hair slightly to the side, and, starting on the side with more hair, separate a section of hair. (I left her bangs out)  

 2. Divide it into three sections.

3. Start to french braid, crossing piece 1 over and then piece 3, and then adding to section number 2 (on the top) before crossing it over. 

4. Now, instead of  adding hair to the next piece and crossing it over, (number 1 in the previous picture) drop it and pick up a similar sized piece from directly behind the piece and cross it over instead.

4. Repeat until you reach the other side of the head, (add and cross on the top; drop, pick up behind and cross on the bottom,) trying to keep the braid fairly even so it hits right above the ear. 

5. Braid the rest of the way down and secure with a hair tie.

6. Now, go back to the other side of the head, where you started.  Holding the dropped piece out of the way, pick up a new section to braid. You are going to do the same thing you did before, adding on the top and crossing; and dropping, picking up from behind and crossing on the bottom except...

7. When you add on the top, only add the dropped piece from the first time, instead of just grabbing hair to add. 

8. Continue this all the way around, braiding once you reach the end. and then tying it off with an elastic. 

 9. Repeat steps 6-8 again, only adding the dropped piece from before to the top before crossing but picking up the last of the hair on the bottom, so that all the hair is up and braided. 

 10. Next, braid the three braids together...

 Tying them off together at the end and removing the previous hair ties. 

 11. Arrange the braid on the side of the head, either in a bun or in an oval shape if you have a lot of hair.

 12. Insert the correct sided Flexi Clip for your hair type and thickness (I used a medium for Riley) and there you go! Perfect for church or a special occasion.


I'm back! (Michele): See, fun and easy as well as affordable!  Prices vary according to size and design, but you can plan to spend from about $11.00 to $22.00 for the fancier clips.  Jennifer has a special for any new customers, if you buy 3 or more you will receive a one item free up to $16.00.

I would love for you to pop on over to her website and see what you think!
THANKS Jennifer for blessing us!



  1. Thanks! I bought my daughter a clip a couple months ago and we are still learning how to use it. She doesn't want my help. LOL

    1. Sounds like mine Kim! It is always more fun to figure things out themselves!

  2. I love the side braid. I was recently introduced to Lilla Rose myself and they have a fan in me!!


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