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5 Days of Moving Madness- Blog Hop (day 3)

Welcome back!  Today...It's ALL about the Boxes!

That being said, we have never packed ourselves.  Try not to hate me.  It is one of the few perks we receive in the military.  At least, they keep telling us it is a perk.  After 12 moves, I am still not buying it and every move I threaten to just do it myself.  I figure shelling out the money and saving my sanity might just be worth it.  Like why would you pack a bunch of assembled Lego sets in a box with no paper and then pile books on the top for good measure?  Still trying to figure that one out.

Anyway...moving on.

We do pack some things ourselves and that is mostly what I want to talk to you about today.  Whether you pack all of your stuff or sit and watch someone else pack your things for days on end, you will want to pack some things differently yourself.  Through the years we have done these things either in boxes or Rubbermaid containers, and a few times just in the RV we once owned, but however you choose to do them, these things GO WITH YOU!!  Not the movers.  Keep in mind, these are things above and beyond basic toiletries and clothes you would pack in your suitcase.

Here's the key...have a safe room!  This is anywhere you choose that is off limits to your packers and movers.  Clear a space out, put the things that you have packed and are going with you in that room and then all of that stuff is contained and away from anywhere that might get accidentally packed by an over exuberant packer. Contained being a relative word, of course.  Be forewarned, it may not look like that much to you, but it will fill the space of your cars fast.  Do not get too overzealous with your storing...speaking from experience!

Yes, that is a child there.  Sleeping!  Reminds me of a Where's Waldo picture.

OK, now-

Box 1 - Label Bathrooms.  You can either do them all together or a separate box for different family   members.  This is what we have get to your new place and can you believe it, someone has to go potty!  There is not usually toilet paper!  Pack it!  My dear hubby used to say we can buy some when we get there.  No more!  After hours or days of traveling you do not want to get back in the car to go find toilet paper. We also add shower liners.  This is a good time to get new ones, they are only a few dollars, and if you do not get your stuff delivered you still want to be able to take a shower.  For that reason we also pack a towel per person, soap, shampoo and our last few moves, even a bath rug.  Yes, our bathrooms are almost set up as soon as we get somewhere.   Just makes this momma feel better!

Next box - Label bedrooms.  In it we put a set of sheets for each person and some sort of blanket.  This is two fold.  One, if we are without a bed for a few days we pair the sheets with sleeping bags (yes, pack those too) and use them to sleep on.  Yes, we sleep in empty houses.  There is something about paying for a hotel room when I have a house available that I just cannot stomach.  It also allows us to have a set of sheets easily available when the beds get delivered.  You can Make. Them. Immediately!  More on this on Friday!

Box 3 - Label Kitchen.  Here's where hubbies may differ from us.  I sneak extra things in when he is not looking. shhhhhhh.  At the very least pack a few paper plates and napkins and a crock pot.  Seriously!  You will be tired, maybe a little grumpy, and always hungry.  At the very least you have eaten out several meals already.  It is worth it to swing by a store, pick up some meat and throw it in the crock pot the first day there.  All day long the house will smell like home and then when the truck pulls away and you are so tired you can hardly think you will have some homemade food to eat.  No one wants to go out to eat looking like zombies!  I also include a few staples to get us by for a few days- a pot, a pan, serving utensils, a few spices, (ok, a lot) a hot pad, and a knife.  Again, depending on how long it takes before you see or at least unpack and find your stuff, you could be in for a lot of fast food if you do not plan.  Plus, it will save money!

Next, we have containers labeled batteries, light bulbs and candles!   We keep them in plastic containers, they go with us in the car and then right into their new spot in the new house.  The moving companies will not move that stuff anyway and we always seem to need each of those items.  Saves money and another trip, or two, to the local store those first few days.

A few extras to consider...
Games.  If your family likes to play games, pack a few small ones.  Cards are always a good choice.  Hotels get old and an empty house for days gets even older.

Movies.  Same thing... you and a mini DVD player might become new best friends.

Comfort items for kiddos.  If they have a special blanket, toy or lovie, pack them with you.  Now is not the time to experience meltdowns because they miss their favorite animal or pillow.  A handful of Legos have saved us several times!

Again, since we do not pack our own boxes we are at the mercy of someone else to be organized on that part. (Ask me how that's worked so far! ha!)  But one thing we do is mark the youngest child's boxes with fun pictures and colors.  This helps him identify his stuff as it comes off the truck and gets him involved and excited.

Once you are packed up you are ready to go!  So tomorrow...on the road!

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