Wednesday, March 16, 2016

When Was the Last Time You Were Overwhelmed?

Actually, that is not the whole question.  You see, a few nights ago we were having family devotions and the question that came up was actually-
"When was the last time you were overwhelmed by God? In a good way?"

The answer came to me immediately.  That's big friends, because many times our family questions stump me or I really have to give them some thought.  But not this time!

My answer was so fresh in my mind, and quite frankly stamped so hard on my heart, that it still brings me to tears.

God has brought us to the most amazing church.  Not even that, but to the most amazing church family.  I can brag on them because most of them have probably not found my blog yet. ;)

From day one they took us in, acted like we had been there forever, and have made us a part of their lives and their families.  I stand amazed week after week, really I do.

And two Sundays ago I had the unique opportunity to stand in the background of things after service and watch the body of Christ work as it should.  I saw families mingling, people laughing, people crying and hugging.  People doing life together.  People loving each other.  And it almost took my breath away.

How thankful I am to not only see it, but be a part of it.

Our family laughed about how it is pretty amazing when you stand among a group of people that are trying to figure out where a group of 30 plus people can possibly go to lunch after church together. That it is amazing when you can't stand the thought of missing out from one group for another- you want to be with them ALL. That on Sundays you can't wait to be in God's house with God's people!

Yep, overwhelmed by God's love.  And God's people!

It's a great place to be.



  1. Love that God has blessed your family in the special way. It is truly a blessing beyond measure to have such a wonderful church family.

  2. That's so awesome Michele. I'm so happy for you and your family.

    1. Thank you Barbie! It is always encouraging to find a church that loves people as it loves the Lord!

  3. What a special way to be encouraged by God!

  4. Blessed by your music! What a gift God has given to you- thank you for sharing it weekly.


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