Friday, March 4, 2016

Do You Know Us?

Slowly, through the last few years, this little blog of mine has grown.  I can remember when about 5 people read it, one probably being my mom, and I would get so excited!  Now the numbers are in the hundreds daily, and it still thrills me to have you visit!

As a "lifestyle" blogger, don't 'ya love that title, I know not every post may meet you where you are at.  I get that!  But I thank you for continuing to stick with us, and for becoming a friend!

So if you are fairly new here to Family, Faith and Fridays let me catch you up!

You can follow us on our Family, Faith and Friday Facebook page!

The fastest way to summarize is here-

About me

Tops Posts

Homeschooling and College

And if you still like us, see ya back next week! ;)


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