Monday, March 21, 2016

Grab a Friend for Art

Paint. Glitter. Glue. Markers and pencils.  Chalk and paper.  Tiny pieces of paper.  Did I mention glitter?

Yuck!  There, I said it.  I do not enjoy kid's art.  Actually, I think I may have mentioned it before, but in case there was any confusion-

I really do not enjoy kid's art.

BUT, I do think it is an important thing to learn and for kids to enjoy.  Even when their mommas do not.  And so just like science, I love to grab a friend for art.

Yes, I will actually teach my son art if he has a friend, or two, with him.  Let's just be honest, everything is better if done with a friend, right?

Amidst the mess, there is fun.  Amidst the cleanup, there is team work,  And even amidst the glitter there are giggles.  Theirs, not mine, mind you, but giggles none the less.

Weekly, I try to have a friend of my son's over and we do an art project.  Some days we use one of the many videos I own and they create, while other times, we use an instruction book and create and some days we just create.  We being them, of course.

I just watch.  And listen.  And smile.

Because when little boys create, wonderful conversations happen.  From make believe storytelling to talk about their days to pure silliness, you should hear the conversations.

I am reminded that sometimes kids just need time to be creative.  To explore color and texture and be allowed to imagine the possibilities. And so this momma is trying to embrace the glitter and glue and the messes that come with it all!

Create away boys, create away!

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