Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Believe Me- 'Ya Gotta Have Friends

This week I am participating in a 5 Day Blog Hop featuring Tips for Homeschool Parents.  A group of lovely ladies across the globe are sharing their favorite tips each day!

Feeling a little burned out from having an allergy related cough for over 6 weeks, and now a cold, I wasn't sure how I would even begin to write for five days this week.  I sometimes feel like I have written all I know about homeschooling.  But then I thought about these ladies participating, and it hit me...


Yep, that is it.

My tip for the day.

Sounds simple, but it is oh, so important.

You see, as I mentioned already this week, I spend 24-7 with my children.  That is a lot of KID- type conversations.  You know-

Have you done your chores?
Have you done your homework?
Be nice to your siblings.
Be nice to your mom. ;)
Stop doing that.
Please do this.
Do you need to go to the bathroom?
Can I please go to the bathroom alone?

The list goes on and on.

And while I love those kiddos dearly, I sometimes need some adult conversation.

The conversation of a friend.  One who knows what I do all day and who understands. One who wants to talk about homeschooling, and sometimes one who doesn't!

Friends!  And friend talk!

Never underestimate the value of friendship.  Seek it out, cultivate it, cherish it, and be thankful for the friends God had brought into your life!

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  1. As a full time working mom, we couldn't homeschool without friends either. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't have enough. I have zero homeschooling friends. It is hard sometimes, to have no one who understands to talk things through with.

  3. I am praying Megan, that God will bring just the right friends into your life! Until then, remember that the Crew is a family that will love you and understand!


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