Monday, March 28, 2016

6 Tips on Dual Crediting High School

OK friends, here is my disclaimer- this is just OUR experience in dual crediting.  Everyone does it a little differently, and every duel credit program is a little different.

That being said, I have done it twice now with much success and have learned a few things along the way.

Here we go-

Research your school!  I cannot say this with enough seriousness.  Some things to look for or at:
  • Are they accredited?
  • How much does it cost per class or credit hour?
  • Do they give a discount for high schoolers?
  • Are the teachers easily accessible?
  • If online, is their system easy to use?
How old does your child have to be?  Some schools allow freshmen and on to dual credit while others only allow juniors and seniors.  Why is this important?  Take history for example.  All highschoolers need US and World History to graduate.  They usually take them their freshman and sophomore years.  If your intended school does not allow kids that age to take classes, you may want to hold off teaching those classes and let them be taken their junior and senior years instead.  Otherwise, they end up repeating classes so they can be taken for a college credit.  Ask my children how we know this! ;)

Will your intended college accept dual credit classes and which ones?  Some college easily accept most general college classes with no problems.  Others are a little more particular.  Others want you to take certain classes from them only.  Again, do your research and ask questions!

Is your child ready for college level classes?  These classes are not watered down classes.  They are just classes that can count for both high school and college.
  •   Is your child responsible enough and mature enough to actually attend a class on a college campus?
  •   Is your child responsible enough and independent enough to take online classes, away from the eagle eye of a professor?
We were told by several online teachers that if you can complete an online class successfully, you will have no trouble in a physical college class.  It takes discipline and organization to take a class from your computer!

Are YOU ready to let go of control?  Seriously, this is a big one!  You will have to take a step back and let go of control.  If your child needs help or is having an issue, it is they who will have to contact a professor or school and work it out.  This is a time where momma has to step away and let the child be the responsible one.  It is good training for the future, but it can be a difficult path for those of us who have schooled our kids exclusively forever!

And in the end- What is best for YOUR child?  Because at the end of the day, that is what is most important.  No college credits are worth it if it stresses your child out and is a horrible experience.  No credits are worth it if your child is just not ready for college level classes.  And no college credits are worth it if you cannot find a program that is a good fit for your child.

Above all, know your child, support your child, and love your child!  Embrace the freedom to choose in your homeschooling journey!

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  1. Our county offers free dual-enrollment at the local community college to high school students and homeschoolers are included so my son started earning credits in 10th grade. We started with one class just so he could see what it was like first, and we've been choosy about which courses he's taken, but he's going to graduate with about 18 credit hours this year! It was definitely a learning curve for the both of us at first, but worth it.

  2. We are not to high school quite yet, but will be soon enough (boo, but yay). I am pinning this one so I can refer to it again as we get closer.

    1. Prayers for your high school days! They are exciting times!!


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