Monday, March 14, 2016

I Have Become THAT Woman

Yep, just call me the bird lady.  Well, not to my face.  That might be awkward.

But seriously, I have become that woman.

You know,
  • The one who sits in her kitchen and watches the birds at the feeders. And tries to get the family to look too.
  • The one that has to search out the long forgotten bird books so she can see what is new at her feeder. 
  • Who buys bird seed in large quantities so it won't run out because she wouldn't want the birds to find a new place to hang out. 
  • Who is already planning on the location for the next feeder she wants to buy.  
  • The one that won't let the dogs go outside to potty because they might scare the birds away. Just saying.

You know, that lady!

And yes, I have since called my mom and apologized for teasing her about her bird obsession.

And to tell her I had 6 female cardinals at my feeder at once, of course.

I have also told my neighbor that I am sorry I have stolen some of his birds.  But I am not, really.

Because they are so cute.  And so fascinating.  And quite frankly, stealers of my time these days.

What better way to enjoy God's creation though, than to take a few moments, maybe more, just to take a breather from the chaotic world we live in and watch the birds outside our windows!

What a privilege to know that God cares for us even more.

So if you have a moment today- stop and watch the birds.  Then send them my way! ;)



  1. LOL I've been that woman for a while now.. Between the seed feeders and the hummingbird feeders, my front and back yards have become an airport.. Get one of the feeders that suction cups to your window!!!

  2. I have been wanting to buy a bird feeder, but I just haven't made the leap yet. After reading your post, I think I'll make a trip to the store and see what kind of bird feeders they have in stock. ;)

  3. We enjoy the birds at our feeders as well. :)

  4. Hello,
    I love watching the birds at the feeder. When we return to Canada from our wintering in AZ we will not be able to put up feeders because they attract the bears. So I am enjoying them closeup for now.
    found you on my travels. Would love it you would consider linking any of your faith-based posts to Word of God Speak.


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