Monday, April 2, 2012

Menu Monday

OK, A few weeks ago I discussed saving money, specifically on your grocery bill.  I admit, I often waffle back and forth on the ideas...trying something new every once in a while.  So this month, here's the plan...Once a Month Shopping.  One of the points from my earlier post was the less you are in the store, the less you will spend.  I am going to test that theory this month.  Now here's the deal...everything I read about once a month shopping does say that you will have to go to the store at least once in the middle of the month for a few perishables....but for the most part your goal is to stock up for what you will need for the month.  Be sure to make sure that includes staple items, such as flour, baking soda, whatever.  Our goal will to be to stay OUT of the grocery store as much as possible.  I think that sounds heavenly!

So, here is my meal plan for the month.  Keep in mind, I try to stick to simple because they cost less and two, because I have picky eaters.  (Been there, done that too many times with whipping up some culinary delight to only hear "WHAT is this?")  Leftovers are not in the plan because that is usually what the kids and I eat for lunch.  A breakfast meal is included once a week, as is a "fun food" for our Friday Family Nights.  I have not listed any side dishes...we usually add a salad several times a week, brown rice or potato of some sort, and fruits and veggies that are on sale for that season.  Again, we are trying to eat well while still cutting expenses!

Week 1-Chicken Pot Pie
              Balsamic and Brown Sugar Pork Chops
              Sloppy Joes
              French Toast
              Tacos (Friday)
              Italian Chicken
Week 2- Ham (Easter)
              (Meal at church)
              Nachos (Friday)
              BBQ Chicken
Week 3- Roasted Chicken
               Ranch Chicken Pita Pockets
               Coka-Cola  roast
               Pancakes and Bacon
               Breakfast Burritos (Friday)
Week 4- Pizza Out
               Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
               (Meal at church)
               Waffles and fruit
               Chicken Lettuce wraps (Friday)

I will keep a running total and at the end of the month I will let you know how we did!  I will also post on how we made a master shopping list and figured out how much of each thing we thought we would need for a month.

 Anyone else up to trying out the once a month shopping challenge?


  1. I am attempting twice a month or every two weeks of shopping. I am not sure that I have what it takes to do a month long trip. Maybe once I master the every other week trips, I will extend it to a month. Looking forward to seeing how it goes for you. I really do LOVE the idea of only going major shopping once a month though!!

  2. I think that is a great idea and then when you have to go and get your fruits and veggies you could challenge yourself not to walk past the produce section =)


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