Friday, April 13, 2012

Depression Dinner and the Patient

So ya know how we all have our favorite blogs we follow? I was not going to be one of those people.  I was sure I did not have time, and secretly I was afraid to get drawn into reading hundreds or so. So I entered the blogging world s-l-o-w-l-y!

BUT, I have found several particular sites that I admit I love. For example, Blissfully Content.  It's a beautiful site, and Julia is so sweet. You can just tell! I think we could become great friends if we lived closer...she inspires me. As a bonus, the music on her site is heaven sent. I told her I was going to start going to her site to have my quiet time.

Anyway, I digress. A few weeks ago she did a fun series on the Depression Era and recipes from that time.  (scroll down her sidebar, you will see the recipes listed under Depression Recipes)  They sounded yummy and her pictures drew me in. I decided to try one. Here's how it went... I told the kids we were having mashed potatoes and hamburger gravy for dinner.

One child rejoiced...her idea of a perfect meal!
The rejoicing child!  And helper for the evening.

The oldest boy said, "Hamburgers?". "Nope, hamburger gravy."   Him, "We are having gravy for dinner?" "Yes, with potatoes!".  Him, "WHY?". So, while I had just planned on making a fun dinner, all the questions led to the announcement, "This is what we are having for dinner, and do not come to the table without a fact about the Depression Era!" (preschooler exempt)


As it turned out, it was a great dinner...the food AND the learning. The confused boy came with the most facts, notes included, and the girls remembered things they had learned several years with the aid of American Girl books. Even the hubby got in on the act. Did you know that the story the three little pigs was written during that time and represents the government versus the people banding together to work against the government? So says Wikipedia. ;). Plus, I camped out on Julia's blog and read everyone all the neat facts she had posted...cheating, I know, but I fixed the dinner. All and all, a successful night. Good food, good learning and good family time! The perfect way to spend an evening with my favorite people. Thank you, Julia, for the inspiration and the recipes! (plus, all my cheat facts!)

As an update, hubby's surgery went well, arm is feeling good and cast came off yesterday, a week early. Huge praise! A peek at the of the first days after surgery and still on pain meds, mind you!


  1. Glad the patient is healing! We are going to be trying out the meals too, I have not told the girls yet, although they like potatoes so we may be ok :-) I purchased the book also, waiting for it to arrive. I will be sure to share some other recipes.

  2. Michelle, you are too sweet! Thank you for all of your kind comments and I am so glad that you enjoyed the meal!!


    PS: Your blog is so lovely and such a source of encouragement:).


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