Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It is our great desire to grow much of our own food; our being mine and my oldest, mind you!  We dabbled in it a little last year and are trying to expand a little more this year.  Keep in mind, we live in a rented house right now and do not have tons of land.  As a matter of fact, out our back door you can see a golf course.  Not exactly my dream land, but we are trying to make do with what the Lord has provided for this season. 
Anyway...if you are looking for a how are in the wrong place friend!  Our biggest success last year was cucumbers and jalapeno peppers.  Not exactly life sustaining crops. huh?  We did manage to freeze tomatoes for sauce, but not nearly the amount we needed.  We have planted 16 tomato plants but this is what they look like right now...

Not exactly encouraging!  If you have an idea of what's wrong, please, feel free to clue us in!  We did just get 24 hours straight of rain so I was in hopes they would have perked up this morning, but as you can see....NOPE!

These are some of our squash plants.  We cheated and did not start these from seeds this year.  We  planted half in the garden and half in containers, as you can see.  There are zuchinni plants in another container as well.  Reason being... SQUASH BUGS!  They took over in the garden last year and ruined about all of our plants.  (The oldest does NOT want to put any chemicals in the garden!  Me, I wanted to stand out there with insecticide and just wait to spray one of those little bugs!) We want to test the theory that maybe some plants will be a little more protected in the containers.  If you are shaking your head and know this is not going to work, don't tell us!  ;)  We want to pretend it is a good idea for a few more weeks.

Here are our onions and potatoes, both planted by my father-in-law a few weeks ago.  (His garden by the way, is amazing, and puts ours to shame.)  Both are coming up beautifully, go figure.  This family does not even like onions for the most part, other than I do cook with them, and we may end up with tons.  The potatoes will be great!

This is one of 3 pepper plants.  Again, we do not just eat peppers, but I do like to cook with them so the plan is just to chop up and freeze what we are able to get.

The herbs.  Again, another cheater plant.  We have tried seeds numerous times with no luck, so I finally got mad gave in and bought a few plants. 

Cucumbers are in, but have not come up yet.  I still have hope!

Here are some of our flowers, maybe we should just stick to those!
taken by R
In my dreams my garden looks amazing.

For now, I will settle for this...
It does have a fence now, thank you to the deer!

Someday, when this Air Force moving family settles down in one place, I pray we will have abundant land and a place for my dream garden.  Hey, maybe by then we will know what we are doing!  Until, we welcome any advice and appreciate you muffling your laughter!

How about you?  What are you growing, and as long as you are writing, share your best gardening advice!  Please!

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  1. Gardening is a pure joy in our lives during the summer. We have a large garden and have added on new vegetables each year. This year the new experiment is spaghetti squash. I have never cooked it before but it came highly recommended so I will give it a go. We also added asparagus in our flower garden. We move plants around to see which ones grow better in different locations. We have a deer problem as well and have added a 6'stockade around our apple trees to help save them. Always a new challenge but well worth it, deep in December when you open a jar of fresh green beans or tomatoes for chili. My mother-in-law taught me to can and we can everything in sight now. Want to learn? I would love to teach anyone listening (or reading). Keep on trying the garden it is well worth it, I love going to the grocery store in the summer and only buying meat and dairy. My next challenge is homemade bread that is tasty. Any suggestions?

    1. I have some bread recipes for you!!! I would love for you to teach us to pressure can, I have been afraid to blow up our kitchen so have been just doing hot water canning and praying we don't crack the flat top stove!

    2. I know what you mean about the stove. I have done hot water canning but for me the pressure canner is so much easier. We will get a time for June when the produce starts coming in.

  2. Lol I almost thought the dream garden was your "after" photo. I was going to plant some tomatoes this year but figured since our yard is small and the kids run wild out there they most likely would not

  3. Tomatoes do the best if you plant two plants in one hole, (the same with peppers). They give more support and seem stronger. Also I have had the best luck planted in a flower garden next to the house.
    As far as the bug problem. Google gardening with no pesticides. Jalepeno pepper spray works great to get rid of most bugs.
    If that is a new garden you may need to add manure to give it more nutrition.
    Keep trying...luckily you have a long growing season.

    1. OK, I am going to try tomatoes again in a few weeks!
      Checking out the pepper spray...thanks!

    2. Look up herbs and flowers as well. I know that marigolds keep certain bugs out and the gardener at Lowes told me the same goes for certain herb plants. Not sure which herbs though, I went with what I use and then what smelled the best, lavender and peppermint.If I find out I will let you know.

  4. Your garden is further along than mine I have only planted potatoes this year:( We live in a rented place too makes gardening harder doesn't it. Although it looks like you got a great backyard:) minus the garden eating deer:(

    1. I do love the container gardening...especially the cucumbers! Unfortunately, the backyward is a downhill slope, so if you are not careful the kids will end up in the swamp! Oh, and there's the little problem of the crazy swearing golfers across the way! ;) Man, there are some SERIOUS players out there!

  5. We are still prepping the garden and can't plant yet. I wish we could be in full on garden mode like you guys!

  6. I have had problems with squash borers (larva eat the stem from inside out near soil contact points) and found that allowing the plants to root at multiple points along the vine lets at least part of the vine to survive. I am going to try netting & row covers this year & see what success I can have. Good luck! :)


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