Monday, April 9, 2012

The Highschool Years!

We never intended to homeschool through high school!  Really!  Our plan was to school the kids while they were little and we were "able" and at the same time save enough money to send them to a private Christian school when the work really "counted".  God had other plans!  Each year we loved homeschooling a little more, and each year He changed our hearts a lot more.  And so here we are, getting ready to graduate our first child from high school and start our second child in her freshman year.  While I do not profess that homeschooling is for everyone, I do know that it is what the Lord has intended for our family.  And for that, I am humbled and grateful!  Each day is a new adventure and each day I delight in seeing the kids grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually!

Always subject to change on a whim, but here is our general plan of action:

9th Grade-
Sonlight- Church History
Apologia- Biology
Math-Teaching Textbooks- Geometry
Writing-The One Year Novel   (This year will be a first for us, but we are very excited about this opportunity...RNP LOVES to write!)
Wordly Wise
Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Bk A
Rosetta Stone, Spanish 1
Elective- To be determined for each child

10th Grade-
Sonlight-  20th Century World History
Apologia- Chemistry
Math- Teaching Textbooks- Algebra 2
Writing- Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW)
Wordly Wise
Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Bk B
Rosetta Stone, Spanish 2

11th Grade-
Sonlight-Civics/American Government
                American Literature
Apologia- The Human Body or Marine Biology (we let each child choose)
Math- Math U See- Stewardship (Consumer Math)
Writing- IEW-Continuation Course
Wordly Wise
1-2 Duel Credit courses with online college

12th Grade-
Online Duel credit classes to include British Literature

Note, because our children take a few high school level classes in 8th grade,  it allows them to essentially finish early and have a year free to begin college while still at home.  Our oldest did so and will be done with her freshman year when she heads off this year.  Because it was so successful, we will start the next kiddos a year younger (lucky them), with just a class each semester of their junior year.  Saves money, saves time! 

So there ya have it!  My plan!  Not to be confused with God's!

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.

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