Monday, April 30, 2012

Strawberry Jam!

OK, our garden may be pitiful right now, but someone is growing goodies!  All of the strawberry farms opened early here in Virginia and we spent a chilly, windy morning picking 4 big buckets and one CJ sized bucket of beautiful strawberries.
Yes, I know this is just two, I think the others were being washed...or eaten!

Then we came home, ate a bunch, and then got busy canning.  Well, the oldest canned, I cleaned and cut strawberries - and took pictures.

We figured out that by canning 16 pint sized jars that they cost us about $2.23  per jar.  Maybe not a big savings, but I know what is in it, the kids love it, and it makes me feel like Ma Ingles, sort of! ;)

Because Lego Boy, my new nickname for the 10 year old, loves kiwi, his awesome big sister made mostly kiwi-strawberry jam.  It is wonderful on homemade bread which, yes, she makes too.  (Bet you are wondering what I am going to do when she goes to college.  Yep, me too!)

Wish you could pop in and join us for breakfast!

Coming Wednesday- results from our Once a Month Shopping!

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