Monday, December 22, 2014

Ready, Set, Go?

Once again, I have had the privilege of writing for Our Homeschool Forum.  If the name is new to you I encourage you to check them out.  You will find awesome articles from over 20 guest bloggers (me included!) as well as reviews and more.  Since January is often a time that homeschoolers regroup and many public schoolers come to the dark side (kidding, of course!), this article I pray will be a timely one for many.
Ready, Set , Go?

 Ready to start homeschooling your child...but still unsure?
You have all of the books and workbooks. You have all of the supplies and even a cute little area set up to school in. You even have the date circled on your calendar.
But you still have that nagging feeling of uncertainty.
To read the rest of the article head on over to Our Homeschool Forum as I chat about the What Ifs of Homeschooling!


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