Friday, December 5, 2014

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Junior Book giveaway!

Yep, it's the B word again!  B-U-D-G-E-T
This time though you can relax, because this lesson is for your kids!
We have read several Dave Ramsey books in our married life and I am getting ready to facilitate his highschool and college program for our teens in my local co op.  Good stuff!  Recently I had the opportunity to buy several of those resources at a sale price, including Financial Peace Junior, which I intend to teach my 7 year old in the spring.  Check out the special pricing for it now, as well!
Unfortunately the boy is one step ahead of me.  Included in the package I received were 6 CDs entitled Junior's Adventure.  Show my boy a CD and he considers it his.  So immediately he went to his room with them in tow and has been listening to them since.  Over and over again.  And over!  He loves them!
Here's what the web site says about them-
Your children can join Junior in his life adventures! Transform their futures with these colorful and entertaining books by teaching them how to handle money now.
From working and saving to giving and spending, these wonderful stories will teach real life ‘stuff,’ and the stories are so fun your children won’t even know they’re learning!
Each book is illustrated by award-winning cartoonist Marshall Ramsey.
Recommended for kids ages 3–10.

We love them so much that I am giving away a Junior's Adventures Boxed Set to be shipped to you just in time for Christmas!  I know your children will enjoy reading these cute stories while you get in a lesson or two about money management.  It is never too late to learn!
For your chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below!

Blessings, Michele

*I was not compensated in any way for this post.  The thoughts and opinions are my own.*


  1. We love Dave Ramsey here and try to follow his budget plan most months. We also like his envelope cash system. Was very helpful in helping to budget each of our family vacations! We knew exactly what we were spending and have always ended up coming home with money left in a couple of the envelopes! Win/win! :)

  2. Yes, we follow a budget but it's not strict and to the penny.

  3. Best advice I was given is to start my 401k at the company match of 6% and then increase it each year when I get a raise.

  4. A modified budget. I budget for bills and not so much for fun... LOL!

  5. Wait. Wait on every purchase. Pray about it and see if you really need it. I often walk around with a cart load of stuff at Target and then end up putting all of it back because of this advice.

  6. We are using Financial Peace now with budgeting. I think the best advice is to start saving at a young age. Create that habit early on. Also, before making purchases..sleep on it. We have often made a better decision by walking away to consider things.

  7. We do use a budget. We redo it every January. It is not a "too the penny" type of budget but it is up-to-date and modified as needed. - Lori H

  8. Best money advice came from a Crown Financial study years ago: We are stewards of everything and it comes from God. Work with everything as though for Him. If your attitude and purposes are right with God, everything goes much better and the rest of it can fall into place. - Lori H

  9. Yes a budget is essential to surviving on one income

  10. Using cash only is advice we took from someone and it has helped a ton

  11. We took the advice of using cash envelopes and it has been useful

  12. Yes we are on a tight budget. Best advice was ditch credit cards.


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