Sunday, December 7, 2014

How Was the Birth? 52 Weeks of Family Scripture Memorization

As we focus on our Savior's birth this month of December, I thought it would be fitting to end our 52 week scripture memorization journey with verses that point our children towards Jesus!

If you have kids, do you remember their births?  Surely you do, even if only a few faint memories.  After all, after hearing the gender of your child, their weight and height and then their name, everyone wants to know "How was the birth?"  Some of us details people want to know even more details...what was your labor and delivery room like, were the nurses nice, what did you eat, did the doctor show up on time?  

OK, mostly women ask those kinds of questions.  But those are the things we think about.  I mean, I remember obsessing over whether I would have a private room or have to share with someone I didn't know.  Or whether the bathroom was in the room or down the hall.  Or if a shower or better yet, a whirlpool tub, was at my disposal.  You know, the important things! ;)

But Mary.  Well, she was unlike the rest of us I imagine.  We cannot know what the scripture does not tell us, but I would imagine that the only details she cared about were that she was giving birth someplace safe and warm.  And that her baby, God's son, was healthy.  The little details paled in comparison.  Because only one detail mattered.


God's own son, Jesus, was born!

And the wise men and shepherds- bet they didn't ask a thing.  I would imagine all they could do was bow at His side and worship Him.

Shouldn't we?


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