Monday, July 1, 2013

The Past Few Days...

Now, where did I leave off?  Oh, that's right- leaving Virginia at 1:00, after 5 hours of sleep, with still an 8 hour drive ahead of us.  That's right.

Arriving at the hotel finally at 10:00pm. Tired.
Driving through a scary storm on day 2 and arriving at a hotel ready to collapse.  Mentally and physically.
Pulling out the sofa bed for my girls only to find unidentified objects (food, who knows?) on the mattress.  The manager's first response was "I will bring extra sheets to cover it up"  Seriously, that is what he said.  Ummmm, NO!  After seeing the not so nice look on my face he managed to find a new mattress AND discount our room.
Third day drive uneventful, save a little rain.  I know!  Can you believe it?


Have I mentioned we rented it sight unseen?  It's a slightly scary way to do things and our anxiety was high.

You know pictures are worth a hundred words, but they are not always the right ones .

Some rooms seemed bigger.
Some rooms seemed smaller.
All rooms were in desperate need of scrubbing.  Which is just what I wanted to do after three days of driving.  (sensing my sarcasm yet?)

Then there's the basement..
And the issue of sump pump problems.
And the issue of mold on some of the baseboards.
And some wet carpets.
And a leaky toilet and garbage disposal.
And a ice maker and water dispenser that did not work.
And we were not able to turn on the hot water until we got here, so there were no showers for anyone for 24 hours.
And the packers unloaded furniture and boxes for 11 hours. (there were three of them)
And one of our antique curios looks like a pitch fork was drug through the back of it.

Get the picture?
I was searching for another closet to hide in!

This is where deep breaths and lot of prayers help.  A lot!

This is where the blessings begin.

We DID arrive here safely.
We have a home to live in.
Our landlord is a wonderful older gentleman who has bent over backwards to help get everything fixed.  (Plus, he hugged me when we first met- I love him already!)
The reality agents who are helping us transition are gems and I pray future friends.
Our backyard makes me smile every time I look out the window.

We love this tiny town already...
There are 2 parks, a library, a quaint waterpark, a children's museum and a grocery store just blocks from our house.  OK, in a town this size, everything is just blocks from our house.  I LOVE THAT!
The people here are friendly, though they do seem to think we talk funny.
There is a coffee shop around the corner that has wi-fi so my daughter was able to take three exams on Saturday and finish her online classes.  I have been able to semi keep up with the blog as well.  Internet is arriving today!  Insert a happy dance here.
The Walmart, which is the only gig in town, has cashiers that wait at the end of their checkout line waiting for you.  Seriously, where does THAT ever happen?
The college campus is beautiful and has so much to offer.
My children are resilient and amazing.  And patient. And hard workers.  And my heroes!
Same for my husband and my mom.

I could go on and on, OK, I already have, but my point is this...

God is good.  Even in the middle of what has been our most challenging move in 21 years.

I have even learned a few things that have rocked my world BIG time.  But I'll save that for Wednesday.  When I can sit in the comfort of my home and reveal my heart to you.

Blessings, Michele


  1. Michele! Sounds like you are a pro! Nothing better to do then count your blessings when things are stressful. Always helps me too! YOur house and yard are beautiful! Enjoy

    1. Ha! Wish I were a pro at something else! Things are looking up and the stress level is slowly going down.

  2. Yay, glad you made it safely! {even though we miss you guys} I hope the rest of your transition goes smoothly.

    1. Miss you all too! Did you forget to remind me that moving was hard?! haha

  3. Love that backyard. My boys would have a field day playing with their airsoft guns, lol. So thankful to the Lord that you arrived safe and sound.

    1. Air soft, bows and arrows, baseball! They are having a blast Linda! Thank you for your prayers during our move friend!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful town. May God help you through the rest of it.

    What state are you in? Maybe we need to move, too. ~smile~

    1. We are in South Dakota Laura. Loving it more every day.


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