Sunday, July 28, 2013

Spanish For You! Discount code and update!

A while back we had the privilege to review Spanish For You!  It is a wonderful program that has found a place in our homeschool curriculum for the elementary and middle school age, grades 3rd-8th.  Since we hope to make our children bi-lingual, Spanish is one of those subjects I am pretty opinionated about.  I know, shocker, right?!

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So, I want to pass on an update for Spanish For You! They have recently released their latest unit, Viajes, and are offering our readers a 10% discount good through the end of the year.  The codes are-


The numbers at the end of each code match the grade level of the package.

From the table of contents-
•Lección 1 - La transportación (Transportation) 1
•Vocabulario y mandatos 1
•Verbos - poner (to put), salir (to leave), hacer (to do, make, pack) 3
•Gramática - Telling Time 7
•Lección 2 – La ciudad de México (Mexico City) 12
•Vocabulario y mandatos 12
•Verbos - ir (to go), estar (to be), dar (to give), caminar (to walk) 14
•Gramática - Talking About Location and de + el, a + el 18
•Gramática - Saying what someone is going to do 20
•Lección 3 – El hotel (The Hotel) 22
•Vocabulario y mandatos 22
•Verbos - usar (to use), abrir (to open), subir (to go up), mirar (to look at) 24
•Gramática - Personal Pronouns (yo, tú, él, ella, etc.) 28
•Gramática - Indefinite Articles (saying “a”, “an”, “some”) 29
•Lección 4 – El restaurante Méxicano (The Mexican Restaurant) 31
•Vocabulario y mandatos 31
•Verbos - cenar (to eat dinner), pagar (to pay), pedir (to ask for), comer (to eat) 33
•Gramática - Saying what someone likes - “gustar” 37
•Lección 5 – La playa de Puerto Rico (The Puerto Rico Beach) 40
•Vocabulario y mandatos 40
•Verbos - nadar (to swim), tomar (to take), llevar (to wear), tener (to have) 42
•Gramática - Saying what someone has to do (tener que...) 46
•Gramática - Direct Object Pronouns (lo, la, los, las) 47

Can't wait to add this to our home!

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