Monday, July 29, 2013

Picking the Bucket List back up!

The Brookings Art Festival was something we had read about before we ever moved here.  It was in all the information we got about the area and it looked like fun.  Unlike some of the ones we have been to in the past, it is not so big that it overwhelms you completely, and yet it's not a small town affair.  Vendors have to apply for a spot and be chosen out of hundreds of applicants and people come from miles away to see the sites.  It is a yearly event and I am already looking forward to the next one.

It was fun!  Even the boys enjoyed it.  The weather was overcast which kept us from melting so you could not have asked for a more perfect day to be outside.  There were food vendors galore, wonderful booths to explore with upscale arts and crafts and even an antique/thrift store area where the oldest guessed it...Pyrex!  Next time we are just dropping her off at that area and picking her up when we are done.  In addition to all that there are three stages running music and other theater type stuff and an area especially for children.

We had fun that evening talking about everyone's favorite thing they saw.

The verdict-

CJ- The foam bow and arrows (he's 6 remember!)
SCP- the real swords and guns
RNP- The young girl dressed like a statue.  She was painted all in copper, stood perfectly still and then when money was put in her basket she would shake your hand or tip her cowgirl hat in perfect replication of a     .  We were mesmerized watching her.
ALP- The wooden cutting boards.  They were amazing and a show piece all on their own.
Me- Bird feeders made out of old glasses and dishes.  Wish I had gotten a picture of them.  They were stunning.  Next time, someone remind me to take my camera.  The few pictures we have my oldest took with her phone.
Hubby- The stone cutting boards that have oil lamps built into them.  Beautiful.

(hmmm, on a side note, does it seem that some of the family has a thing for sharp, pointy items?  Anyway...

Lots of laughs and memories shared.  After all, shouldn't that be what a Summer Bucket List is all about?
Have you joined The Happy Family Movement?  What have you checked off your list this week friends?


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