Monday, July 15, 2013

Just Swinging

I have discovered the secret to why you should not have kids when you are older.  It is not about diapers.  It is not about late night feedings, or having to read Dr. Seuss again and again.

It is about swing sets!

And our diminished ability to put them together at a slightly older age.  That my friends, is why young people should have kids.  Old people like me should have someone pushing them on a swing set, not helping build one!


My dear hubby and I built a wooden swing set about 15 years ago when our youngest was 4.  We even took it apart when we moved and rebuilt it at a new location.  I remember doing it in a day.  I remember it being fun!  HA

Fast forward 15 years and we have a newly turned 6 year old in our house.  Who has never had a swing set.  It's not his fault he is our last.  It is not his fault we are old.  So I was determined that prince of mine was going to have a swing set like his siblings.  Next time, would someone just tell me to get a life and take him to the park, please?

New house- new swing set.  Let the adventure begin.

You should have seen his face when he saw the forklift bring it to the truck.  Wish I had gotten a picture of that!  Priceless.

For the first day, and 6, yes count them, 6 hours of the project we had help.  Team effort at its best.

For the second day the team was pretty much down to two...when an occasional spot check by the 6 year old.

By day three my sweet husband was on his own!  The kids were no where to be found.  I was tired of the drill sounds, tired of lifting, tired of bad directions,  tired of the swarm of mosquitoes trying to carry us off.  TRIED!

Luckily, my husband (read here my hero) did not give up despite being tired and finished building this...

Had it had been left up to me, a few parts would have been conveniently left off.  Permanently.

And now...

we are just swinging!  Every free minute we have.

Happy boy, happy mom!

Thanks hero!


  1. FUN! I remember when we put up our swing sets a few years ago. It was a COLD March day but we got it done and the girls love it. Enjoy!

    1. Jacquelin, He goes out there every morning while I get breakfast fixed, then back after school and lunch then back late afternoon. He is in heaven!

  2. Yeah...well my hubby and I keep talking ourselves out of building another swing set for the same reasons and we have at least 4 that would play on it! lol We just need to move to a house that already has one I think. :)

    1. That is exactly what got us into this mess! The original listing of this house, we are renting, showed a swingset in the back. We were so excited and talked it up. Then we got here and realized the pictures we saw were old swingset anymore. That'll teach me to keep my mouth shut! ;)

  3. It looks great! "It's not his fault. It's not his fault we are old." Hahaha - that really did make me laugh. But I can relate 100% to the older mom thing. I'm 41 now and our last baby was born at 39 - it's an enormous difference from when I had our first in my 20s. :) While I'm a lot more tired, (funny how 8 kids will do that to you . . . ) I do think I appreciate my little ones more than I did years ago. Life is super busy, but good. :)
    And the look on your little guy's face is precious - that makes all that work worth it!

  4. How fun!!! My Lance and Ethan would love to have a swing set. I always wanted to get the kiddos one. Maybe the grandkids ;) Sorry the house didn't have the swing set. And you're not old =)

    1. Wish your boys were closer to play with CJ!


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