Monday, July 22, 2013

H2O Time!

Our summer bucket list was put on hold for several weeks while we tackled this move.  Too many weeks!  But we have managed to get a few things done and are now back into the have fun mode.  Trust me, after a move like this one, we needed some fun.

All of my kids like the water.  Two of my kids really like the pool.  One of my kids thinks he is part dolphin.  So we try to get to the pool as much as possible.  It is my personal belief that everyone should know how to swim and not be afraid of the water.  We have that covered here.

Right before we headed out from Virginia we were able to have a few days at the pool, one day with good friends.  The pool is always better with friends!

On the drive out to South Dakota we managed to jump in the pool, although a COLD one, one night after a long day of driving.  The girls wimped out of that one, but the boys needed to get some energy out!

Since arriving here in South Dakota we have found the local water park.  Can you believe it is just right around the corner?  Like three turns and a few block.  My boys are so excited!  There are water slides, splash areas, a playground and more.  Get a pass and you are ready to go.  We are all over that!  Dolphin boy would like to live there.


I am just glad to see them having fun.

It was a good reminder for me that sometime you have to be deliberate in your planning.  Even the fun things!

What about you?  Have you joined the fun with The Happy Family Movement? How is your summer bucket list coming along?

Blessings, Michele


  1. The pool is definitely our favorite summer activity. We live in a small town of about 3,000 people, but we have a city pool. I get such joy sitting in my lounger watching my kids play with their friends in the same pool I played in when I was their ages. It brings back such memories. And, they are little fish! Love it! The pool had a pump break last Thursday and it is closed. We are praying that it reopens for the rest of the summer or I am going to have some bummed kids!!!

  2. We love our H2O time as well!! Looks like a lot of fun you guys have been having!

  3. We just crossed going to the pool off our summer bucket list this week with the end of the summer swim party sponsored by our local library to culminate the end of the summer reading program. Of course, it was the chilliest evening of the summer but the kids didn't care. They had so much fun. I'm so glad we went. Lots of friends and lots to do. Definitely glad we went. Thanks for sharing.

    1. End of the summer??? Wow, where do you live Tawnee?

  4. We love swim time here! We go to the pool several times a week. I think my kids are part fish :)
    We have our summer bucket list as well but it did get put on hold as we were moving too. We're working on it again though. I'm so glad I planned out some fun things for our summer so we can make the most of our days. :)

  5. I definitely love the pool way more often than swimming in the ocean. This summer has been awful swimming weather for us. Literally 5 weeks of rain. The rain is finally clearing so hopefully that means more swimming time in the next couple of weeks.

    1. I am with you Diane! Swimming in the ocean creeps me out! SHARKS!


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