Monday, February 4, 2013

The ladder is done!

Remember a few weeks ago I showed you my ladder?  Well, I am a little slow, but I finally got it cleaned up and quilts hung.  I think I like the natural color for now...or maybe I am just too lazy to paint it right now.  Regardless, I am pretty sure my oldest daughter will rearrange the quilts when she comes home, seeing as how half came from her room, but either way, I LOVE IT!  (Disregard the terracotta walls. remember, it's a rental!) 

What 'cha think?
Wonder how many ladders in a house one can use.  ;)
See you on Wednesday for another Project Organize post.  We spent all of yesterday working on the project for next week.  Can't wait to share with you.  This house is shaping up!  How about yours?


  1. Michele, I love it! You did a fantastic job! (I finally figured out that google reader Carol told us about and now I can get automatic updates on your blog, yay!) :)


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