Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Project Organize- The Fabric Stash

I have admitted before that I have a thing for fabric.  Among my other "things"!  I love the feel.  I love the colors.  I love the stores.  I love it all.  So in the past I have bought a lot of fabric.  Not, mind you , in the past was No Spend January, remember!  And the madness, I mean savings, continues this month as well so no fabric this month either.

Anyway, since my oldest is also a fabric queen, her sewing room becomes a tad messy sometimes!

This is just a small part of it.  And in my defense, this part is mostly hers.  (sorry ALP!)  Yes, my minimalist daughter has a fabric thing too.  Ask her to your house to organize and clean and you have called the right girl.  She is ruthless at tossing things out and a pro at cleaning.  Unless you have fabric.  And then, all bets are off and you have lost your help!  Seriously, the man that marries that girl one day better love, or at the very least, be able to tolerate, fabric.  And lots of it.  She makes clothes and pillows and quilts and she LOVES fabric.  She got it honestly.  (The fabric part, not the sewing part.)

But she has redeemed herself since she made this mess.  Pinterest is her friend and she found the neatest solution to her, I mean, our, problem.

Yes, that is an old filing cabinet.  It is actually one that I have been begging my husband to move out of our lives.  It is a heavy piece of furniture we have been moving around for 20 years and every time we move it I am convinced the movers say bad things about me behind my back.  Looks like it is staying now.

With a few (or a lot in our case) file folders and a little patience...

look what you can do!

Amazing, huh?  It is as simple as wrapping the fabric around the file folders and pinning.  Because this file is quite old, it does not have the hanging capabilities and will not be quite as easy to thumb through, but the files work just as well for organizing.

Since she is back at college for a few more months I have been trying to finish up her project.  I still have a ways to go, but off to a good start.  For pieces with not enough yardage I just folded them as neatly as possible and stacked back into one of the crates we were using.  See how nice it looks?

And, no, ALP, I did not throw much away.  Really! ;)

Next week in Project Organize- The Bedroom Closet!  Clothes and more! 


  1. What an awesome idea! Way to go Ashton! The Lord knew you needed to tote around that filing cabinet. No need to spend in No Spend January or February for a new, CHEAP filing cabinet. You already had one. Keep it up, sister!

  2. Don't get rid of that cabinet!!! It's awesome!

    1. Don't worry Nicole, it is staying now, I think!

  3. Oh my, I need you to come to my house! Actually, I just really need to spend about ten hours at the sewing machine. Sigh.

  4. Wow. Your room is so clean and organized. I need to see all your ideas!

  5. Really love the wooden file cabinet. Always need more room for the fabric stash.


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