Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project Organize- A Peek in the Bedroom

It's not often I invite people I don't know into our bedroom.  Actually, not even people we do know usually.  I know that a bedroom is supposed to be a quiet refuge, a place to go to relax.  But ours- not so much.  At least not on a regular basis.  Instead it seems to be the catch all.  A place where things pile up, get stored and take up residence, whether they belong there or not.  It doesn't help that because we are in a rental home, our "office" and all that encompasses is in our bedroom as well.  Yes- desk, computer, papers, files, and more papers.  It's all in there.  And usually in disarray!

After our closet purge, I decided it was time to stop avoiding the bedroom and get busy.  I failed to take as many before shots, but here is one of what the desk typically looked like.

Pitiful, I know.  I think because this space is not on the main floor it is an area that we do not work at and so things just get stacked and forgotten.  NO MORE.  Not only did we clean it up, but we moved stuff out. 

You have got to love a shredder!  This entire black garbage bag, yes, that is the super sized one, is full of shredded papers.  I do not want to even tell you how long we have been hanging onto some unneeded paperwork.  That bag alone probably just cleared out another 20 pounds.  I kid you not.  The movers are going to love us.  Lean and mean!  haha

The second problem spot is my bench.  This is not the one that always sits at the end of our bed, but there is usually one there of some sort, depending on what house we are in.  It is always covered.  Always. 

So now it is not!

And it is going to stay that way! (It helps that our house was suddenly put on the market, but that is another story and I am determined not to go there!)

We also purged from nightstands and my dresser, even leaving an empty drawer.  Can you believe it?  Hubby's dresser is housed in the closet so it was in last week's purge.

The final result- a clean, uncluttered, retreat!

Now to keep the kids out!
Speaking of kids, see 'ya next week for the teen's closet!


  1. Michele, we so need to do all of this organizing too with our upcoming PCS overseas! Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Will you be able to take everything with you, so leave some stuff in storage?

  2. Wow you did a great job and I LOVE the bench!!!

    1. Thanks! We got it, actually two, froma Western Warehouse in WY when they were going out of business. I keep threatening to paint one black, but I love the shoe polish advertisement on them!

  3. I love organisation and doing clean ups like this. Just tonight I managed to rifle through a book cupboard and purge a box full.

    1. Good luck! Books are one of the hardest areas for us to tackle!


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