Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Project Organize- Teen's Closet

I was going to post about my teen's closet when I did our closet post, but after seeing the mess, I told her she had earned a post all to her own.  (should have made her write it for punishment.) I did help you write it.
R's comments are in blue.

This child can be neat.  Really, she can. Here is the inside of her desk...
I really am an organized person...

But open her closet and you might think about running for your life.  She has a problem with clothes.  She has too many!

So first we pulled them all out and put them into neat piles on the bed. (They really are neat, you just can't tell.)

I also have a lot of scarves. We worked on that too.


See how clean the closet is?  Then we tried on, threw away, put in stacks for Goodwill, put wrong season stuff away and started over!  We also had a discussion about less is more, the value of saving money and on and on.
It's much easier to choose outfits now that I have less stuff. I don't stand at my closet every morning staring at my clothes, wondering what to wear. Less stuff, less decisions.

The final result-

see? isn't that lovely? and I've kept it clean since we cleaned it out.
I really am organized.

Happy mom, happy teen!

Next week- a peek under the sinks, in the cabinets and a chat about stuffed animals!


  1. Reminds me of my closet when I was younger =) Good job mom and teen! I wonder if boys have the same problem with clothes and shoes?

  2. Wow!!!! I cannot imagine trying to organize my teens' closet (2, 16 year olds)! Luckily, they just had a new shoe rack built and got rid of quite a bit of stuff on their own. But seriously, that closet looks amazing!
    ~Kerry from the Review Crew

  3. This is an awesome quote: "Less stuff, less decisions." Loaded with wisdom. The closet looks wonderful. :)

    1. Yes, we love less decisions. Getting dressed should not have to be rocket science! I will be doing a pst about clothes soon on that very thought!

  4. Great job! Gotta love the during! Makes you wonder if you are really doing any good at that point, lol! You did a great job :).


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