Monday, December 16, 2019

34 Weeks of Moving


About the 34 weeks part!  We will save that for cleaning and organizing.
Not kidding about the move, however.  And honestly, it could take WAY longer than 34 weeks.  Let's don't even go there right now.

So here is the plan.

Right after Christmas, the house gets stripped of all semblances of holiday cheer and put back together, all while doing a final mad-dash clean.

Then said clean house gets photographed.

Then put on the market a few days later (first full week of January probably) and an open house will take place the following day.

And then we wait.

Remember now, this is our plan- we will wait and see what the Lord's plan is.

Remember also, this is the same people who sold our last house in one day, then lost those buyers and did not sell is again until three months later.  And sat in a AirBNB in Scottsdale for three months.  Have I told you that story before?


Luckily this time we are being more realistic and are in no hurry to leave.

And before you ask-

YES, we are excited about this move.  On most days!
NO, it is not easy to leave friends.  That part is never easy. We are thankful it is only two hours away.
YES, it is sad.
NO, we don't think things are going to change.
YES, Clarke loves his new teaching job.
NO, we do not want him to commute away from us each week anymore.

OK, I think I have caught you up.  Sorry it was been quiet around here in Family, Faith and Fridays land- inset crickets chirping- but things have been a bit crazy here.

Stay tuned- I am pretty sure more craziness is to follow.  No, really!


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