Friday, December 13, 2019

Easy Art for the Win

You know I am not very creative, right?  Like, really, not very creative.  Not only do I not have much talent when it comes to artsy stuff, but I also lack the interest.  Glitter and glue are a part of my past I would like to keep in the past!

But here is the thing- I still have a 12 year old at home who likes an occasional art project.  And quite honestly, even if he did not, his left brain dominated world needs a little more right brain activity occasionally.

When I saw Khan Mosaics I knew it was a good compromise for us both.

Khan Mosaics is a two piece art kit that uses small foam geometric pieces to create a picture, in this case a gorilla and a tiger.  The picture is printed on a thin cardboard for durability, measuring a bit over 8x8.  The foam pieces are self sticking so no glue or anything extra is required. While this may not require much talent, it does require some patience and very good fine motor skill.

Each card is color coded to direct you in placing the titles, ensuring the correct size and shape, as well as numbered so you do not mess up.  The sticky backing is pretty forgiving and the tiles can be peeled off quickly and re-positioned if you mess up.  Ask me how I know this!

So far my son and I have completed one card, taking us about 20 minutes, working together.  He chose the tiger, and off we went.


He was quite gracious to allow me to do the little bitty triangles!


What we think-
This is a fun little kit!  Is is a bit challenging at times with the little pieces, but a great way to help develop fine motor skills!  It counts as art in my book, minus all the messy stuff.  That is a win!  Because of its size and price, I also think it would be a fun little gift to give.  

Overall it was time well spent and we are already planning on completing the next one- tomorrow!  Maybe I can do the larger pieces this time!

Khan Mosaics is also included in the Timberdoodle 4th Grade Curriculum kit.  


  1. I think it does look like a fun project even if no special talent is required. And it makes a fun piece to display for awhile.

  2. I really like how your tiger turned out. It looks like it would be a great piece of art for framing.


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