Friday, July 6, 2018

Still in the Desert

Literally.  And figuratively!

Monday will mark our 6 week point of being in Arizona.  6 weeks!  It doesn't even seem possible in some ways.

We do love the area.  It is beautiful and it is sunny.  Seriously sunny!  We have seen rain once and it was just a few sprinkles (regardless of the fact that the weather app notified me of rain and flooding), and wispy clouds three different days.  It was funny, they were here and then they were not.  Not sure where they went but they didn't stick around for long.

That I can get used to!

So people keep asking if we are settling in.

That's where the STILL IN THE DESERT figuratively part fits in.

Another dust devil

 Oh my word, are we in a desert.  Dry and lonely.

Did I mention lonely?  We went to a family friend's house this past weekend (had a blast) and it hit me that they were the first people I had talked to, outside my family and the shop cashiers and a few sweet friends on the phone, in FIVE WEEKS!

OK, I said hi to the greeters at church and asked a few questions there, but I am talking about real conversations, people.   It's not that I don't like my kids and husband, but well, even then there is not much to talk about after 5 weeks in an Airbnb.

Needless to say, we are growing weary of our current housing status.  We are eager to move into a house we can call our own, establish some friendships, and move on with our lives.  Oh, and get our stuff out of storage!  I am ready for my own bed, my own dishes, and the rest of my clothes.  We have bought and read way too many books (there IS such a thing) and played way too many games!  It is like a never ending vacation, and while I know that may sound like fun to some, let me assure you it is not all rainbows and ponies.  The space seems to shrink daily, tempers run short, and there is a shortage of things to do. 

I have bought plates because I was tired of washing the same 6 three times a day, more forks for the same reason, a mixing bowl because there was not one here, and numerous other things to "get by".

Doing vacation in an Airbnb is one thing, but dong life is by far another.

By now I am sure you are saying what a whiny lady!  Right?  I promise I only whine a few times a week.  Mostly.  But this is a real blog with real people behind it and we are just trying to keep it real.  So while we are ever so thankful for this new job, and new state- we are anxious to find new friends and a new place to live.

Until then, would you whisper a prayer that our Nebraska house sells?  And that if you call me to chat you don't catch me in one of my whiny moments! ;)


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