Thursday, December 12, 2019

Fighting for Freedom, One Book at a Time

Children's books intrigue me.  At one time I thought I would write them, but decided there were way more talented people out there that could better fill that need.  Two such people are Lynn and Jeff Yelton, authors of the newly released BUCK the CHUCK series.

Husband and wife team Lynn and Jeff feel strongly about freedom and the the system the founding fathers of America set up to provide and protect that freedom.  In an attempt to convey those concepts in a simple format to children, they created an unlikely hero, BUCK the woodchuck.  In BUCK the CHUCK- Thre Fight for Freedom, BUCK, along with his friend Thor the guardian pig, take on the BoozleBoops of swampy forest who want to take over Chucksville.  While Chucksville is a place of many colors and freedoms, the swampy forest is simply black and white, having given up their freedom for the promise of something better. They are now on a mission to take away everyone else's freedoms too.

This fun picture book is a delight to read, especially for kids who love all things animals.  The characters are endearing and comical.  A combination of narrative and conversational style, the story often reads like a comic book, taking quick pauses from the narration to hear what the characters are saying to each other.  While written for children, I would recommend it for a slightly older elementary to middle school age, as the pages are quite wordy at times, and well, let's face it- freedom is a difficult subject.

Lynn and Jeff use color, or the lack of it, to help describe freedom and what can happen when someone takes it away from us.  About half way through reading it, a light went off in my 12 year old's brain and he said, "Oh. I get it!"  After that he giggled his way through 'til the end and declared BUCK "pretty cool."

 BUCK the CHUCK helps kids answer the questions-

  • What is Freedom?
  • How do we lose it?
  • Can we get it back?
Good news for BUCK the CHUCK fans, a second book in the series BUCK the CHUCK- Let Freedom Sing,  is scheduled to be published in  Spring/Summer of 2020!

Looking for a few new books to add to your library?  Check out the BUCK the CHUCK series.  YOu may find your child has a new hero in their life.

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