Monday, August 13, 2018

God is on the Move!

Well, isn't He always?

But how often do we miss it because our eyes are on something, other than Him?

Trust me, I am speaking to myself here.  I have missed a lot these past 11 weeks.  My eyes have been on our not so fun, and very stress-filled days most of the time.  Yes, I have seen some some glimmers of hope along the way, but mostly I have been anxious, worried, and impatient if I am being honest.

This is not how I planned things would go.
This is not where I thought we would be living 11 weeks into our move.
This is not the lovely picture I had in mind for our retirement.

I, I, I!  Yep, it has been pretty much about me and my comfort, or lack thereof.

As Ashton told a friend today, our family had to have a come-to-Jesus talk and re-adjust our attitudes.  Believe me, mom was first!  We have spent the past two weeks trying to adjust our attitudes and see the blessings in this season.  We have put our eyes back on Jesus where they belong.

How blessed we are to know that He never takes His eyes off of us!

And yes, He is always on the move.

Changing our hearts and drawing us closer to him in ALL circumstances.

Even in the yucky and much delayed sale of one house and buying of another.

Praise Him that we are actually nearing the end of this adventure.  If all goes according to plan, we will close on our Nebraska house in two weeks and move into our new one here a few days later.  It looks like it is actually going to happen.  There have been more than a few times that we thought it would not.   I cannot wait to share a few pictures with you!

Until then, we are still adjusting to Arizona.  We seem to be at the height of monsoon weather, with lots of heavy rain and dust storms every few days.  Pictures don't do it justice but they can be quite intense.  Luckily they move through pretty quickly.

Salem is headed to Alaska next week and the following week Riley heads back to Mississippi for her senior year at college. We are settling into a routine slowly but surely and making new friends.  Life is good.

And God is good!

And He is surely on the move in your lives AND ours!


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