Monday, June 18, 2018

Still Here...

Literally.  Still here  In an AirBNB.  Living out of suitcases.  Minimal school books, minimal clothes, and minimal things in general.

Are we having fun yet?

Go on, you answer- I will just sit here quietly and try not to cry!

OK, it is not THAT bad but it could be close to getting that bad!  Our oldest went on a trip for a week to visit a friend.  Well timed- I think she was starting to go stir crazy.

Clarke left this morning for a quick two day trip.  Again, well timed!  Excited for him, bummed for me.

Thankfully there are some things to be excited about.  

We found a house we really like.  Just gotta figure out how to buy it while we still own our house in Omaha.

Clarke loves his job so far!

Friends are starting to make plans to come visit us and our calendars give us something to look forward to!  Make your reservations quick!

We have found some new school things to start so if, I mean, when, our stuff finally gets delivered we will be ahead in a few school subjects!

AND....we are featured on the Timberdoodle Blog today!  If you remember, I review for them occasionally, as they one of our favorite homeschool curriculum catalogs.  The products Timberdoodle Co. carries are amazing and fun and many can be used for any kiddo, not just homeschoolers.  Take a look sometime!

Here is the link for our "Day in the Life article" so you can read about what our day currently looks like while we strive to survive...and THRIVE!!


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