Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Organize- The Pantry

This was not going to be my next project, but a friend who has joined the madness mentioned she had done hers and I thought I better catch up!  ;)  I thought it would be fast and easy.  It is after all a small space with not much in it!  I thought wrong!

Here are a few befores...

Then, I pulled everything out!  Ah, look how nice it looks!

This is the mess of stuff that was in there.  Not all went back in.  Some went to the trash (this is a perfect time to check expiration dates, just saying!), some went to where it belonged in the first place, and then what was left over went back in a more organized manner.

The results...
Can you tell Kroger had a sale on Goldfish?
One of the few crackers I still let the kiddos eat!  haha

Much better.

Amazing, my hubby said.  (don't ya just love him!?)

Now, I do feel the need to explain the cans, since many of you have heard me say that we are trying to have a bar code free pantry.  Actually, what we are trying to do is eat bar code free meals.  BUT, we also feel strongly about having a 72 hour survival "kit" in our home.  No, not for a zombie invasion or anything drastic, but for minor emergencies like loss of power from a hurricane or snowstorm.  Should those things occur, we do not want to be one of the families that runs to the store in a panic making the problem worse.  We want to be able to survive in our own environment to allow those that really need supplies access without us being in the way. 

The problem I found with this theory is that a lot of my real foods have to be baked, ground (wheat), or specially prepared ... not helpful if we have no power and are cooking on a grill.  So for that reason we do keep some simple canned food on our shelves.  Well, for that and when mom needs a break and the garden is a flop!  ;) is off to the top floor of the house to tackle the sewing area next!  Wait 'til you see what ALP found to organize her fabric!  See ya back next Friday!  And please, we would love to hear how your organizing and decluttering projects are going!


  1. Bar code free? That is an interesting idea. And you did a great job of purging!! Looks awesome!

  2. Looks Great Michelle, I love the glass storage jars makes everything look more fresh =)

  3. Certainly on my list of things to do! Great job!

  4. I just said to my children yesterday that it was time again to go through the pantry. Your "after pictures" are wonderful! I love how big your pantry is (mine is like a closet with shelves. Not a walk in at all. Oh and I need to be more intentional about a 72 hour survival kit. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Wow! What a great looking pantry!

  6. So when can you come over and tackle mine? *grin*


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