Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Project Organize- The School Stuff

We are already several weeks, and several carloads to Goodwill into our organizing.  Several of you have jumped on board and I am so excited.  It is fun to hear your stories and know we are not alone in our desire to scale back!  I would love for you to comment here with your latest victories so we can cheer you on.

So this past week I tackled our school stuff.  We have a lot!  Remember, I have been schooling our kids at home since my almost 19 year old was four!  That is 15 years of stuff and 13 grades of curriculum and all of the stuff that goes along with that endeavor.  As we have entered our last round of school, our youngest is halfway through kindergarten, I knew it was time to purge a few of the extras.  OK, a lot.  While I want to keep stuff for my kids to be able to use should they decide to homeschool their own children, some of the stuff was extra or had been replaced by newer things.  (YEA TOS CREW reviews!)

No judging please, but here is what several areas looked like-

And here are the afters-

A whole van load of stuff went to our co op to hopefully bless others and a few things went into a new and growing stack for Goodwill.  This project was hard for me, guys!  I love having the privilege of schooling my children and there are many memories packed up in those books and boxes.  BUT, I kept reminding myself that I can hold onto memories with out holding onto things!

Feels good!  Not to mention, we are probably one hundred pounds lighter for our move.  No exaggeration!  Yea me!  ;)


  1. AWESOME! closet or the upstairs. Think I will start small. Office closet. Before and after? Just for you!

  2. Oh man! That's my goal for this week, organize and purge all the STUFF we have! It's just our first year and I already have too much! My son is 3 years behind my daughter so I think some will head to the attic for a bit!


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