Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No Spend January!

So how's your money situation looking?  Did you overspend in the month of December?  How about January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November?  Do you look around your house at the stuff and wonder just where your money went?

Budget.  The dreaded "B" word in many people lives.  But years ago, a wise friend encouraged us to introduce a budget into our lives and since then we have looked at our money in a whole different light.  It is no longer the scary demon in our lives but a tool to do what we want and help the people we want to help.  It is a good thing!  That doesn't mean, friends, that we never make mistakes or spend frivolously.  We are human, after all and I do like fabric.  and quilts. and candles. and books.  But when we get derailed, we try to quickly get back on track and move forward, learning from our mistakes.

Thus is born - No Spend January!
 To help tightened up our belts and get us back on track this family has committed to spend NO EXTRA MONEY, outside of titheing, gas, bills and groceries for the month of January!  NONE!  As an extra incentive, I kindly told everyone that they would hate to be the one I wrote about as the failure at the end of the month.  I am nice that way!

 Entertainment Budget - saved.  No eating out, no treats at Walgreens, no movies, nothing. 

Clothing budget - saved.  We just had Christmas, ya'll.  And quite honestly, most people in this house have enough clothes to dress the neighborhood.

Haircuts - saved.  We cut the boys' hair in this family already, so if you see the girl's hair getting a little long, be kind and look the other way.

Fun Money - saved.  My husband and I each get pocket money for the extras that come up on a daily basis.  You know - the "where did that money go?" category!

Time for honesty - that will be almost $500.00 in savings with those categories alone!  And those things are just wants, not needs.  And there is a difference.  And sometimes we just need a gentle reminder.  Wow, do you know where your money goes?  As for the other budget categories for long term things that we put a set amount of money away for each month for car maintenance, house repair, homeschooling, vacation, etc, all those catagories will be still added to like normal - BUT NONE SPENT.

Thus - tithe sent, bills paid, groceries bought and cars gassed up, but other than that - NO SPENDING!! 

Wanna join us?  Better yet, NEED to join us?

A little prayer from me to you!
Lord, Help us to be better stewards of our money.  Help us to make wise choices and to use YOUR money to bless others.  May we all know the difference between wants and needs and to trust you to supply us with what we need.  For those that are struggling, Lord, grant them patience and wisdom as they reevaluate their money and spending habits. Thank you for all you have blessed us with and for all you are doing in our lives.  To YOU goes the glory!  Amen!

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  1. I am with you on this one, Michele. In fact, I am not even doing my usual BIG every two weeks grocery shopping trip. I am buying ONLY what comes up as needed, such as milk, bread, pasta, etc.

    The only exception to my NO SPEND is taking my daughter shopping for some clothes today. I usually get my older two a big gift for Christmas and then clothes, but we wait until after Christmas to take advantage of sales. I already bought all of Dawson's on the 31st (we did all online shopping). But Kyndal and I are going today to get her things.

    I am SO SICK of spending money!!! We are going to hibernate for the month of January instead.

  2. i love this idea Michelle & family. praying God will bless all of your dear family in special ways in 2013!

  3. I just love this idea ~ you've reminded me that I need to sit down with hubby & write out a budget for the year & now is a great time :)
    God bless
    PS I am your newest follower :)

  4. How fun to see your project for January. Wil bee exiting to see if you manage to keep this up. For us the first week of January went by in a flash, with no extra spending!


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