Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun Fridays- Read Aloud edition and SNOW!

Good morning friends!  Typing today from a snowy spot so I just had to share a picture of our snow!  Remember, this family has spent most of our military time in the mid west and we love snow...and miss it! 

OK, a quick chat for our read alouds today.  Years ago we were introduced to the Maxwell family of Titus 2.  Many of you may know them from their books and conferences on Managers of Their Home, Managers of Their Chores and Managers of Their School and other Godly books.  We have had the pleasure of meeting them in person and attending two conferences they hosted and would encourage you to check out this amazing family.

Book 1: Summer with the MoodysThe oldest daughter Sarah has written a series of books that are great read alouds for elementary and middle school children called The Moody Family Series.   We have all but the last two and read them when the girls were younger.  At only $7.00 a piece they are a steal!  They are now in our queue to begin again with the boys.  A delightful telling of a sweet Christian family and their everyday life will leave you with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.  These books are unashamedly Christian and weave salvation and the Lord's love throughout, showing how the love of Jesus can bring a simple joy to a family living for Him!

Sweet, simple and lovely! 


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