Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Friday- Final Read-aloud Edition

January is almost over!  Can you even believe it?  Where has time gone?

To wrap up our Read-aloud edition I want to give you a list of a few more books we have read or are planning on reading as a family.  Honestly, there never seems to be enough time in the day to read all we want to, and so I am going to start adding an afternoon reading time in for my boys.  While they snack after our quiet time, I will read.  Kill two birds with one stone and hopefully fill their tanks with momma time so they will go away, I mean PLAY, while I get dinner done.  ;)

Seed Sowers: Gospel-Planting Adventures

Seed Sowers:Gospel-Planting Adventures  This one is a new one to us written by a fellow TOS CREW member Gwen Toliver.  The Toliver family works with Wycliff Bible Translators and Gwen has pulled together a wonderful collection of missionary stories told to her by some amazing people she has had the privilege to meet.  For those of you that read our Growing Up Wild review and liked the idea, this book is for you. 

What Would The Founding Father's Think? by David Bowman- Another new one that I have the privilege to review.  My 11 year old and I are reading it now together and are loving laughing while learning through every page.  Look for my review on this one soon!

Wild Stories- Written by Colin Thompson, this book cracks us up!  ALL ages will enjoy the silliness, while a middle schooler would probably be best targeted for independant reading.  Each chapter is about a different animal, written by them and vary in length from several pages to the short two page story of Bob, the slug, who promptly gets eaten.  If talking animals and a whole lot of silliness bother you, this one you may want to skip.  Quite frankly, we read a lot of serious stuff, so this one is just a humorous break for us!

Also think about Little Women, Little Men, Little House on the Prairie, the Narnia series, even Star Wars.  The possibilities and choices out there are endless!

And of course- The Bible!  Nothing, in my opinion, is more important than reading the Bible together as a family.  As I have stated before, we have followed several different plans, but regardless of how we have done so, our nightly devotions bring us together as a family and remind us of the Lord's love for us.  Not a bad thing to teach our kids nightly, I think!

See ya back on Monday for my thoughts and results of our No-Spend January!


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