Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun Friday- Read Aloud Edition

Do you read your children books?
At what age do you stop?

I would dare say that many of us read to our children without hesitation when they are young, but somewhere along the way of them growing up, the habit wanes.  It happened with us the past few years, but recently I have been convicted that I must once again pick back up the habit.
Our family loves books- so this month's Fun Friday are all about read-alouds.  Before you tune out and log off, hear me out.  At a young age, reading out loud to our children is so natural- it helps develope speech, vocabulary, listening skills, imagination and so much more as well as facilitates bonding.  But there are many benefits for read-alouds for older children too- my favorites being family interaction  and memories created.  Instead of sitting down in front of a TV and just co- existing that requires little to no interaction, joining together for a time of reading can be a time to reconnect, laugh together and even share a journey.

I want to share with you a few books, series and publishers we have found enjoyable but don't let this list limit you.  Keep in mind we are still reading to a five year old, but there are plenty of good books out there to read with older kids.  Think of books like The Hobbit, Star Wars, books by GH Henty, biographies, mysteries and so on.  If you are enjoying it and it is age appropriate, read it as a family.

My first series up- The Farm Mystery Series, a set of 10 wonderful books published by Castleberry Farms Press. Owners of this small family owned publishing company, Steve and Susie Castleberry have written this particular set of mysteries and several of  their children have other books on their site as well.  Each of the books stand alone and can be read in any order.  We ordered our first one a few years ago and my oldest son and husband read them together.  Now that CJ is a little older I plan on reading them again.  They are fun  mysteries about a homeschooling family, following two brothers and their adventures.  "Just happy and wholesome Christian family life, with lots of everyday adventure woven in." - from the website

In the age of electronics and fast paced madness I love being able to read of a simpler lifestyle, kids with good manners and morals and with no fear of questionable content.  I highly recommend them and hope you enjoy them as well!

Tell me, what read-aloud are you using this month?

See 'ya next week for the next book and a giveaway to help add to your library!
This post is our personal opinion.  We are  not affiliates with Castleberry Farm Press and were not asked to endorse their product.


  1. We start reading A Wrinkle in Time on Monday.

  2. We are reading A Cricket in Time Square and love it!! We are always looking for good books and I am looking forward to your posts on Friday!


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